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A Real Challenger

Complete 20 Challenges

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14 Nov 2018
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Challenges pop naturally throughout the course of the game through various actions. Just playing the first 2-3 hours would net you this achievement. The notification for completing a challenge appears on the lower left side of the screen. You can access the challenge menu by going to start to open up the map, LB to open next menu and selecting Challenges. The challenges are really easy for the basic tiers.

Examples are:
Reach level 4,6,8
Equip a perk card
Collect a bobble head, holotape or magazine
Collect wood
Harvest plants
Scrap junk
Deploy a C.A.M.P
Cook a meal
Boil water
Acquire a disease
Kill a creature
Kill an enemy
Repair a piece of armour or weapon
Destroy a robot
Dibbs93There are also daily and weekly challenges, sometimes as easy as just leveling up or taking photos near certain locations
Posted by Dibbs93 on 15 Nov 18 at 10:18
AKfoy0faceSeems to be glitched for me
Posted by AKfoy0face on 17 Nov 18 at 20:55
TrujewYeah I have done a tonne of challenges and this is still locked for me
Posted by Trujew on 17 Nov 18 at 22:35
nervebulletBoth the 5 and 20 challenges achievements are not unlocking for me either :(
Posted by nervebullet on 18 Nov 18 at 05:51
ZemidekThis along with the fully upgraded perk card achievement are bugged for me.
Posted by Zemidek on 20 Nov 18 at 00:01
nervebulletI tried to delete my character and restart the game but the challenges I’ve done are still ticked off so I can restart for some reason. I have more then 20 ticked off and no achievement for the 5 or 20 done. I tried deleting my save from the cloud and starting over but the challenges are still shown as complete and no achievement sadly
Posted by nervebullet on 21 Nov 18 at 04:39
SneakyStabbalotnot popping for me - got about 30+ so far...
Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 24 Nov 18 at 18:21
SeitzzThis is weird. Got the 5 and by now it feels like the 20 should have popped for sure but it hasn't
Posted by Seitzz on 14 Feb 19 at 01:26
SeitzzSo I have way more than 20. Is there any fix for this? Or anyone have it just pop later?
Posted by Seitzz on 14 Feb 19 at 02:39
SeitzzUnlocked for me when I completed another challenge a few days later, I think servers must've been buggy or something also to do with xbl.
Posted by Seitzz on 18 Feb 19 at 18:23
EnlunaSame problem, I have around 60 challanges complete and the achievement is locked for me. Eventually will unlock i guess...
Posted by Enluna on 08 Mar 19 at 10:04
SeitzzYeah, I’d just wait a few days on it. It should pop eventually.
Posted by Seitzz on 08 Mar 19 at 13:03
MoonZinger91This achievement didn't unlock for me until I had completed wayyyyy more than 20 challenges and it popped up when I got the kill another player achievement.
Posted by MoonZinger91 on 17 May 19 at 08:27
Number1marksmanDoes anyone know if this achievement is fixed? I've tried to do this on a new save and it still seems bugged.
Posted by Number1marksman on 15 Apr 20 at 02:49
xxTRAGICTRUTHxxNot sure if anyone is still having an issue with the bug. I had way more than 20 challenges done and when I hit level 10, it popped for me.
Posted by xxTRAGICTRUTHxx on 08 Jun 20 at 04:42