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Good Grief!

Kill 20 Players

Good Grief!0
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STK AetakSTK Aetak323,416
15 Nov 2018 15 Nov 2018
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Join a friend or partner’s game, bring tons of ammo and pick a secluded part of the map. Each take turns killing each other, when you die opt for seek revenge you will instantly respawn nearby and your parter will be hostile. Take turns killing each other as to not build up a bounty and once you reach 20 kills it will pop.

Also note be sure you repair your weapon or bring extras because your gonna need them.
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Basement Cheese Looking to boost message me on xbox please
Posted by Basement Cheese on 15 Nov 18 at 23:53
Recovski Anyone wants to boost this one ?
Posted by Recovski on 16 Nov 18 at 11:32
LanceX2 Looking to boost gt LanceX2
Posted by LanceX2 on 16 Nov 18 at 13:30
MrBojeezy I'm down to boost too.
Posted by MrBojeezy on 16 Nov 18 at 18:47
HASANYBODYGOT Looking to boost, message me on Xbox if interested.
Posted by HASANYBODYGOT on 09 Dec 18 at 20:55
HyphyBusRyder Message me as well, I'll help out.
Posted by HyphyBusRyder on 11 Dec 18 at 13:51
Lamme Tak You do not need 'tons' of ammo if you both turn pacifist mode of. Settings-game-pacifist off. Also a gamma gun goes pretty quick, I use it to hunt wanted players because you can spam stimpacks but also spamming radaway at the same time is more difficult. Or use a plasma granade and short gatling gun.
And next time if you want to boost make a session and ask for people to boost there.
Posted by Lamme Tak on 18 Dec 18 at 15:56
andre171 Looking to boost this achievement, hit me up gt: andre171
Posted by andre171 on 24 Dec 18 at 06:28
MsBootybandit Add me to boost this stupid achievement
Posted by MsBootybandit on 27 Dec 18 at 18:23
Leo Ascendent Create a session guys.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 27 Dec 18 at 20:39
HeresyGamer101 Looking to boost this one. Add me
Posted by HeresyGamer101 on 02 Jan 19 at 14:27
WhiskeyCharlie I'm looking to boost this and field medic if anyone is still interested. Please message and add me Cheers.
Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 15 Jan 19 at 01:29
JefeGator Looking to boost as well as field medic
Posted by JefeGator on 17 Jan 19 at 04:27
No Parasite Message me on xbl so we can boost this and Field Medic

Gamertag: No Parasite
Posted by No Parasite on 17 Jan 19 at 16:34
Xelliz I could have sworn I've gotten at least 20 kills by this point. Guess I'm going to have to boost it.
Posted by Xelliz on 25 Jan 19 at 18:30
Jah Mona Anyone still needing to boost this and Field Medic?? Gamertag: Jah Mona
Posted by Jah Mona on 04 Feb 19 at 22:25
monkeybiscitz Anyone wanna boost this and field medic? GT: monkeybiscitz
Posted by monkeybiscitz on 25 Mar 19 at 21:14
Lord Forbes Is anyone having trouble with this counting? Do you need to instigate hostilities? My kills are against Wanted players or other hostile players. Perhaps that is why it is not counting. Appreciate any advice.
Posted by Lord Forbes on 09 May 19 at 02:59
meadylufc Anyone want to boost? Need this and also revive achievement. Please DM: meadylufc
Posted by meadylufc on 22 May 19 at 17:43
TheRadMrDad Looking to boost this and revive achievement if anyone is interested GT: TheBoyWonder82
Posted by TheRadMrDad on 28 May 19 at 02:51
ShadowRaven9 Does anyone know of the Nuclear Winter mode is counting toward this? Just curious
Posted by ShadowRaven9 on 12 Jun 19 at 11:49
L ancetre @ShadowRaven9 I think yes, I got "Kill or Be Killed" in nuclear winter
Posted by L ancetre on 12 Jun 19 at 15:07
CadetChik Looking to boost this and the medic achievement, send me a message if you wanna do it. GT - cadetchik
Posted by CadetChik on 15 Jun 19 at 23:35
Dragonata For some reason I can't kill anyone. I'll shoot them, and a reward is put out against me, but I can't damage the other character. If they're level 6, does that make a difference?
Posted by Dragonata on 19 Dec 19 at 00:33
NICKtheNINJA1 They have to shoot back at you.
Posted by NICKtheNINJA1 on 22 Jan at 03:18