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Partners In Crime

Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1

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16 Nov 2018 16 Nov 2018
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Credit to the walkthrough guys for the description:

You don't actually have to worry about clicking anything until you leave the vehicle. You'll learn that the vault key is fake, that Sasha is your sister, and that this is all a scam. Once you get out, walk to the right then up the street. You'll see some midget psychos stab a man to death. You can loot $100 off of him. Take the money, because there is no negative effects for taking it. Once you finish talking with the Hodunk guy, rip down the wanted poster to your right so that you may enter the bar. In the bar, you will need to talk to Sasha. Just tell her that you understood her story.

For the "correct" answers when talking with August, you will want to choose:

1. "Lidia... that's me"
2. "I'll take that drink"
3. Either of the other options that aren't: "I just started" or silence.
4. "I found it on Eden-6"

Now, you have to make a choice whether or not to play it cool or stop him from touching the key. He will actually be less suspicious if you keep it cool and let him touch it, but the deal will continue regardless.

You'll now time skip to right before the other you and Vaughn show up. Felix will ask you to grab an EMP device out of a cluttered box, but you don't even have to look for it if you don't want to because he will grab it himself after about 10 seconds. Once you gain control, pull the Mad Moxxi poster off the wall and some money will drop for your looting pleasure. Then, pull the billboard with Handsome Jack on it and push the tool chest. They actually make you guide it over with cn_LSu. Once you climb on it, open the vent and meet an old acquaintance.

Here is a video of the chapter:

Credit to DanTheMan.