MOTHERGUNSHIP Review by Darklord1899

16 Nov 2018
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I got this game as a present.

I loved Tower of guns and was stoked when I heard they were going to make a sequel of sorts. My pal got it for me a special surprise. The surprise was how bad the game was.

As with the other review. The crafting is hopeless. It feels like a pc game that was unfinished. Certainly, when it was shipped it did not work properly with no inverted options. The crafting is horrible. Most of the time you get nothing you can use. There is no tutorial so you are left completely in the dark what the pipes that you get actually do. I would rate the crafting as a zero out of 10. Also, there is no option just to take default guns. You always have to build your guns at the start of each new campaign which is annoying, to say the least.

Remember the haunting music from Tower of guns? It sounded like Philip Glass. Well, that is gone replaced by some really dodgy generic 80s rock. Yeah, that lasted a couple of hours before it was muted.

Then there is the humour which basically tells you that you are terrible at the game. I am not sure what it says in later levels as I turned off the speech. Getting told you suck after the game has cheated you out of your weapons is really annoying.

Mainly my review is about the co-op gameplay. My friend and I waited to play this together. Though I did play it for about 20 hours to boost my character up. A month after it was released the co-op finally came in. So what did you get? It is a one player co-op game. You get 1 coin at the start. So 1 player gets weapons and the other player gets their fists. Hardly conducive to playing the co-op experience. After trying it for a couple of hours. I deleted the game. I am sure not to play it again.

Get it on sale at 5 if you buy it. I got it for free and still feel cheated.