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Complete all Vehicle Races

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There are 16 time trials in total to complete for this achievement. The cars are usually pretty easy to spot as a checkered flags symbol will appear above it.

Once you jump in with cn_Y and confirm you want to attempt the race with cn_A you'll have to race through a number of checkpoints, following the sat-nav and arrows at each checkpoint to reach the final destination before the time runs out. If you fail you can retry without having to return to the start point again.

Cherry Tree Hills
1. To the left side of the police station, as you face it. Next to the vehicle call in point. A swanky yellow and green Lantos that you drive through Cherry Tree Hills and end in a car park by the Auburn Metro station. (Unlocks: Lantos)

2. Follow the beach from Cherry Tree Hills until you reach the docks, look right by the wooden jetties to find a yacht. You have to sail up and down the beach navigating through the wooden posts, finishing where you start. (Unlocks: Brawn, a construction vehicle)

Auburn Bay Bridge
3. At the end of the bridge, on the left as you enter Fort Meadows from Auburn is a Drag Car, the Wrath. The trial involves zig-zagging down the bridge and back on both the road level and the train level below. (Unlocks: Wrath)

Fort Meadows
4. On the Hayes Farm, you'll find the Armadillo, a huge tractor. The courses heads left into the fields, under the bypass, loops onto the beach, heads towards the garage, crosses a number of jumps past the castle then turns very sharply left to return to the farm, I would just slam on the brakes as you land on the road as this turn is impossible. (Unlocks: Armadillo)

Bluebell National Park
5. By the train station is a little quad bike, the Tracker, the course meanders through the park taking in a couple of jumps. (Unlocks: Tracker)

6. There is a fishing boat parked by in the lake central to this area, the course jumps off the waterfall then crosses the bay to end at the uptown docks. (Unlocks: Oldster, a petrol tanker truck)

7. By the bridge to the dojo just before the Blackwell Bridge is a pick up truck, Chan's Ironback. This is another fairly long course that crosses the bridge, goes through Uptown, dips briefly into Crescent park, before going back through Uptown and finishing between the road and rail sections of the Blackwell Bridge on the Uptown side. (Unlocks: Chan's Ironback

8. You have to assemble the Loop the Loop Super Build in the centre of the runway before the time trial will be there. Look for an orange sports car west of the superbuild. The trial takes you out the airport, jumps the overpass, round the airport car parks before re-entering the airport itself through the same gate, all that remains is to drive through the loop before finishing in a hangar. (Unlocks: Vor, a motorbike) You may need to construct the superbuild ramp which crosses the overpass north of the airport, as this may need to be in place to complete the trial

Paradise Sands
9. Follow the beach to it's most southerly point next to the tunnel to Fresco. Here against the wall in the water, among the rocks you'll find a jet-ski. The course heads south, before looping back up, travelling the length of the beach before heading out in a big loop first heading out to sea just before the lighthouse before turning back towards the amusement park, the course culminates with a jump out of the water into the loop of the roller-coaster, which never seems to go too smoothly...though you'll still succeed! (Unlocks: Galleon, an RV or camper van type thing)

10. At the north end of the docks, about half way up the area itself is a yellow speed boat, near to the vehicle robbery garage. The course heads north for two checkpoints, at the second checkpoint it heads left into the canal system reminiscent or Venice. Travel round the canal system before heading back out the same canal, north to loop round just before the jet-ski from Time Trial 9, before heading back to the start, finishing by travelling up a ramp and landing by the garage mentioned above. (Unlocks: Squadmobile, which looks like a SWAT van)

11. Just south along the docks from trial 10 is an Ice Cream truck, the Muncher. This is a very long course, it probably seems longer as the truck is pretty slow. You exit the dock onto the main road, head north through the tunnel into Paradise Sands, shifting to the left to drive through the pedestrianised section before driving up the road to the observatory. Here you jump back down onto the main road, shift left onto the beach before heading back on to the road and jumping onto the structure within the tunnel back to Fresco. A short while later you will end up back on the docks. (Unlocks: Muncher) You may need to construct the ramp at the top of the stairs at the south end of the Paradise Sands to complete, or even access this Trial as 3 checkpoint are on top of the structure it leads to.

King's Court
12. If you stand at the north entrance to the Courthouse, then walk west you will see a yellow Taxi Cab. The course heads south, then east, on to the dock, then north, a sharp left turn lies just after the steps as you pass the Courthouse. After this you head north into Fresco, doing a couple of loops round and within the ring road at the southern section before heading back into King's Court, turning right in front of the Courthouse you'll end up back where you started. (Unlocks: Taxi Cab)

As the ferry to Apollo Island is in King's Court I will do that section next.

Apollo Island
13. There is an air boat at the dock, right by the ferry ticket machine. The course heads north before entering the swamp just east of the docks, then back out to sea and finishes by driving on to the dock near to where you start. (Unlocks: Atlas a big truck)

14. This requires the construction worker. Build the Super Build Super Satellite at the north side of the island and teleport into the bunker. In the bunker is a room with a broken fuse box to repair. This will activate a 3 by 3 grid of red buttons in the main bunker, activate all 9 buttons in the order they turn yellow to open the bunker doors. Once this is done the Cocoon will spawn at the docks. The course is fairly slow due to the speed of the vehicle, the path heads north, then east and through the bunker, turns back west above the launch- pad, under the pad itself and through the space centre, before heading south, jumping onto the runway, off the other end and back to the docks. (Unlocks: Cocoon)

15. In the north-east of the map, at the north end of the balance beam pool is a red sportscar, the Drakonas. The course heads round to the right then jumps through the Ferris Wheel, (I had immense trouble hitting the struts of the Ferris Wheel a number of times before I finally got a clean jump, thankfully restarting at this point means you haven't wasted much time), then follow the docks jumping a second time, head through the centre of the area, round the north side, through the centre, up the west side, through the centre, then head back down to the start poin on the east side. (Unlocks: Drakonas)

Next teleport to Liberty Island from the fort in Downtown.

Lady Liberty Island
16. On the south side of the island is a Tricycle, the Redeemer. The course goes round and round the island, occsionally breaking off the route to head up the steps under the statue, I believe it finishes just after the third trip under the statue, behind the Information booth. (Unlocks: Redeemer)
BlackTiboThank you for this guide. I had problems to find the 5th time trial with the Tracker.

It does not appear until you build a cascade ramp by the river. Since you need this ramp for the race, you have to build it to make the Tracker appear.
Posted by BlackTibo on 05 Jan at 16:33
Legohead 1977I'll add this in. Thanks.
Posted by Legohead 1977 on 06 Jan at 00:14