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Stoking the Flames

In Voyage of Despair, kill 3 Stokers via weak-point in a single round

Stoking the Flames0
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16 Nov 2018
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To add to Racoonus' excellent guide on how to kill the stokers, a far more efficient way is to play on Rush mode as it is basically 1 continuous round. This way you can get this achievement without requiring high rounds rock
ZeRoToXiKsRush on solo is so hard facepalm
Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 19 Nov 18 at 03:25
Ex GHOSTfaceI can confirm that this no longer works playing Rush Mode. I have killed over 7 Stokers making very damn sure that my last shot was where the glowing spot was. No achievement after 25 minutes in the same game.
Posted by Ex GHOSTface on 21 Nov 18 at 04:10
Ex GHOSTfaceDefinitely patched, went into casual and got it on round 24 first try.
Posted by Ex GHOSTface on 21 Nov 18 at 04:56
CelticCorpse@ghostface.. I had issues unlocking this on normal zombies even though I know I done the requirements but it popped for me doing it on rush first time laugh.... Glad u got it though
Posted by CelticCorpse on 21 Nov 18 at 07:56
NutriWhipI can confirm that this still works on Rush as I just got it on there. Not sure what Ghostface was doing wrong.
Posted by NutriWhip on 22 Nov 18 at 23:41
Sky Maniacsame as Nutriwhip - unlocked it last night on rush
Posted by Sky Maniac on 25 Nov 18 at 10:31
The Bartlez 2Not sure if it's glitchy or what but I was unable to unlock it on Rush as well. I know for sure I got 3 stokers by hitting their weak spots. Was able to get it on regular around round 32.
Posted by The Bartlez 2 on 18 Dec 18 at 18:55
Im Forever DopeCan anyone confirm that this still works in rush? I swear I’ve killed 5 or 6 but nothing
Posted by Im Forever Dope on 26 Dec 18 at 22:44
Im Forever DopeUpdate. Right after posting I was able to obtain it in Rush Mode but I did have to kill about 5 or 6 again not sure if I missed on a few however it is still unlockable through Rush.
Posted by Im Forever Dope on 27 Dec 18 at 04:08
Simone l8lRush mode patch?
Posted by Simone l8l on 19 May 19 at 14:29
l BlackBrian7 lI think rush may only work for some people. Today, I killed at least 12 stokers by weak-point in rush and it didnt pop. I just played normal zombies solo and managed it straight away on round 40 once 3 stokers spawned (so I was killing them correctly in rush too).
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 31 May 19 at 18:17