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Seizing the Opportunity

Complete any Mission Story in The Final Test.

Seizing the Opportunity0
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18 Nov 2018
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This achievement is difficult to miss. It unlocks after completing one of the mission stories during the "assassination" of Jasper Knight. The options to complete are "Safety First," "Safe Conduct," or "To Fallen Comrades." The game will walk you through these with markers and Diana's narration if you use the default settings.

To complete Safety First, you must use the ejector seat to complete the assassination.

To complete Safe Conduct, you must deliver the projector slides at the reception desk on the first floor to the projector on the second floor.

To complete To Fallen Comrades, you must deliver vodka to the tray in the commander's room and complete Knight's chess move at the chess board in the same room.

The game will alert you when one of these mission stories are complete and the achievement will pop.