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Stunt Superhero

Get 3 stars on every PR Stunt.

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The Ol n DeThe Ol n De295,104
18 Nov 2018
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I would like to add to Sighris

I was really struggling for the 3rd stars on dirt drift zones.

I took the #43 Dodge,
There are 2 Tiptronik setups, one for dirt, one for Drift King.
This gave me my stars in less than 2 hours.
NOTE: I couldn't drift for saving my life.
SambawebHow do you change Tiptronik from dirt to Drift king? and vice versa?
Posted by Sambaweb on 24 Nov 18 at 13:21
The Ol n Dethere are 2 different setups from tiptronik. download one and install it. then download the other and install it too. later on, when you need to change from one to another, just go to the festival or house, go to the window where you can do custom setups, then the 2 setups will be in your tunes tab.
Posted by The Ol n De on 26 Nov 18 at 15:41
I8ITackyticsI8IPerfect guide. Thank you so much. Was really struggling with drifts before this
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 26 Jan at 03:47