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Squelch 50 mushrooms in total

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19 Nov 2018 19 Nov 2018
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The best place I found to do this was on the first map, "The Bog".

There is a circular area on the west side of the map, south of the Fuel Station that has a number of mushrooms there.

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They look like this, make a squelching / popping noise when you run them over, then burst and disappear.

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I don't know if there are enough in this area to earn the achievement in one run or if you'll have to quit and restart the map. When you run over enough of them the "Mushroomer" message will pop up on your screen and some music will play. Congrats!

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Note - Sometimes the Xbox tracker takes a long time to update with this game, it may not update progress or pop the achievement until the next time the game autosaves. If you are certain you've run over enough of them or just want to check your progress, drive out of the area until "saving" appears on the bottom of the screen and it should update or unlock.
Ohh Werdcan all be done in one round if you just drive all around that area
Posted by Ohh Werd on 22 Aug 19 at 18:54
wolfsburgrazIt may be possible but I cannot guarantee it. I just tried doing a very thorough search and found 47. It is possible that I missed some. It is probably easiest if you just try and find as many as you can, drive away and wait for the game to autosave and for the achievement tracker to update, then exit and restart the level from the beginning and go back over there. Good luck!
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 23 Aug 19 at 04:20
VanquishedAgainThank you! Did it in about 15 minutes start (of opening game 1st time) to finish.
Posted by VanquishedAgain on 27 Apr at 13:34