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Sleep with the Fishes

Stay underwater for one full day without using potions.

Sleep with the Fishes-2.4
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20 Nov 2018
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Alternatively, you can use magma blocks underwater (since they create air bubbles). Note that you cannot swim over magma blocks as you'll sink to the bottom and that walking on them will damage you.

Place (or find) some magma blocks underwater. Put a non-damaging block on top of one of the magma blocks. Stand and crouch on that block and move so you're hanging over the side. You'll get air from the bubbles and won't take fire damage.

When the achievement pops, move to the center of your block, uncrouch, and ascend straight up.

Note: In the tutorial world, there is a magma vein to the southwest of the map.

Note 2: Bring a clock to get a sense of what time of day it is and how much longer it will be before the achievement pops.
Erinx212Anyone have any advice for why this might not be unlocking? I sat underwater long enough to get the castaway achievement but never got this one unfortunately.

Edit: I started a different tutorial level and repeated the steps. Doing this made it unlock thankfully.
Posted by Erinx212 on 19 May at 07:10