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Win the race in Brazil against AI level 2 or higher

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21 Nov 2018 21 Nov 2018
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Well nostalgia can be great but in the case of this game not so much!

This is literally on rails so steering etc is not required, the default setting for the game is level 2 AI so all achievements can be won without changing settings.

I used the Sky car, as it seemed to be the best all rounder but I’m really not sure there is much difference in the cars handling.
I just used the accelerator (right trigger) flat out but eased off into the corners ~ which are difficult to see due to the appalling camera angle. Luckily the AI is pretty bad too and will often crash off the track so just persevere and you’ll get the win, some tracks I won on the first attempt, others took me 2 or 3 try’s.

There’s no different strategy really for any of the races so hopefully within an hour you can complete and delete this monstrosity!!