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Cycle of Battle

Defeated Garland.

Cycle of Battle+0.4
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22 Nov 2018
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Dungeon is accessed by taking red crystal at entrance of Crystal Tower then entering ????? Gate where Ultima gate used to be.

** make sure to bring sizzle ability*

On first level at end there are 4 crystals, each has a path that must be cleared to unlock 5th crystal for Garland Battle.

1st zone inside each path has 2 crystals, one leads to desert which goes back to start, other leads forward.

front left gem = (fire route)
Lava floor = right front entrance gem = forest
Forest = linear path to crystal = goblin fortress
Goblin fortress = linear path to crystal = nebula cave
Nebula Boss = Marilith

Back left gem = (earth route)
Nebula cave =2nd gem (after jumping down ledge and up next ramp) = train graveyard
Train graveyard = linear path to gem = goblin fortress
Goblin fortress =linear path to gem = nebula cave
Nebula boss = Lich

Front right gem = (water route)
Sunken temple = left gem = docks
Docks = Linear path to gem = goblin fortress
Goblin fortress = linear path to gem = Nebula Cave
nebula Boss= Kraken

Back right gem = (wind route)
Dragon Scar = bottom right gem = crystal tower
Crystal tower = linear path = goblin fortress
Goblin fortress = linear path = nebula cave
Nebula Boss = Tiamat

Rear gem = (unlocked after doing other 4 routes)
Icicle Ridge= Linear path to crystal = underground prison
Prison= Linear path to crystal = Castle Exnine
Castle Exnine boss= 4 previous bosses + Garland

I was level 95 with stacks and level 80 bahamut and fight wasn’t to hard.
ArcheimGravity is your (very broken) friend. I was about level 89 for everything. The exp is garbage, so you can bring a mirage with flee and make things easy for yourself. (unless you see a new mirage)
Posted by Archeim on 28 Nov 18 at 03:34
SighrisBest place in game to level in EX dungeon 4, walk around save and purple crystal at end and fight chocochik and mu, a good Firaga will 1 shot all for 217k xp with exp jewel.
Posted by Sighris on 28 Nov 18 at 04:13
Dr LatourFor the lich fight just hit him with a X potion.
Posted by Dr Latour on 11 May at 14:57