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Find 5 words in under 10 seconds (Single Player or Multiplayer).

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26 Nov 2018
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Unsure why this is partially unobtainable. Got it easily on my Android tablet. Short words are your friend of course.
GraymawrCan anyone confirm if you have to complete a game before it pops or does it pop as soon as you get the 5 words?

EDIT: I just got it. It unlocked after I completed a Quick Play set to Easy difficulty. It will not pop during the game. To borrow from the solution on Xbox Achievements, and I noticed this as well, that there are a lot of times the letters TEA are together. So TEA, EAT, ATE, ETA, TAE can be done rather quickly if you find these letters.
Posted by Graymawr on 10 Oct 19 at 14:23
LockieCan confirm that you don't need to finish the puzzle. So after doing the TEA method above, just end the puzzle and check to see if you got the achievement in the UI.
Posted by Lockie on 28 Dec 20 at 13:02
candlemandleThanks mate. TEA method is easiest
Posted by candlemandle on 11 Jan at 09:11