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Exceptional Seeker

Find a word worth over 45 points.

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28 Nov 2018
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Aside from using a Wordament Solver/cheat, the best advice for getting this achievement is:

- Look for puzzles that give a special tile, such as a "VE" tile which acts as both letters, or a "U/C" tile which will act as either one of those letters. These tiles are worth significantly more points than standard letters by themselves. For example, "U/C" is worth 20 points, compared to the 1-5 that other letters give.

- Be flexible in the path of your word. The image for this achievement shows the word "ACHIEVEMENT" being used, and the path snakes across almost all of the tiles. Don't get stuck looking in straight lines.

- Look for prefixes and suffixes to add points to a word you've found, or looks for a nearby word if you've found a prefix/suffix. RE, DE, UN, or DIS could be put in front of many words, and ER, ING, LY, EST can be tacked on to the end to expand their length. END can easily turn into UNENDING.