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A Long Walk

Get a 100% Completion on a Map.

A Long Walk0
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28 Nov 2018
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To unlock this you are required to get every star on every puzzle in a specified map including all bonus puzzles. These puzzles are not too difficult but to speed this up there is an easy way to do this.

You need 156 stars and to complete all 5 bonus levels on a given map. When starting up a puzzle you can either go through yourself or alternatively, there is a hint button available. This hint button can be used over and over and will give no penalty. Using the hint button will go through each star requirement in order. For example:

- get 3 four letter words
- score 600 points
- 8 corner words

The way the hint button works is at first it will go through the four letter words to get that star. After it has done this it will then start with 3 letter words until there are no more and move onto 4 letter words and so on until you reach the point total. Lastly, it will move onto corner words if you have not already got them whilst getting the points.

In the above example, you will most likely have gotten all of the corner words you need by the time you get there.

The hint button comes in extremely useful when the last requirement is, for example, get a 10 letter word.
olanmillsI completed the World 1 map, but the acheivement did not unlock. In the Awards menu, it shows 1/1 completion for this achievement, but it doesn't have the little trophy symbol and it doesn't say "Earned mm/dd/yyyy"
Posted by olanmills on 29 Nov 18 at 02:49
TateyYeah mine done that too. I restarted the app. Went back to the map and then checked the achievement on the smart glass app as well. Eventually it pops
Posted by Tatey on 29 Nov 18 at 09:38
AllStarTC29sMomWouldn't pop for me even though I did it 100% Hopefully it will pop as yours did.
Posted by AllStarTC29sMom on 05 Jan 19 at 23:27
Weasel PizzaI just unlocked it by going back into the first level and exiting out. I reset the puzzle first just in case, but that didn't seem to matter
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 06 Jan 19 at 16:22
RosenpitRestarting the app worked for me, thanks Tatey
Posted by Rosenpit on 05 Mar 19 at 21:51
Bladed ThesisRestarting app worked for me as well, thanks Tatey!
Posted by Bladed Thesis on 27 Aug 19 at 18:49
Taras BuriaA bit buggy achievement, but as Tatey mentioned, game restart makes it pop. Thank you for the tip!
Posted by Taras Buria on 05 Sep 19 at 20:51
DoddyLamaThe achievement had popped for me on the app and showed the date that it was unlocked with the trophy symbol next to it, but was not showing in my achievements. I reset the app, opened the completed world, played a word, and then exited. The achievement popped immediately, weird achievement.
Posted by DoddyLama on 09 Dec 19 at 09:37