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Where I Belong

Stand on foot at the highest point in Solís

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It's almost impossible to get this prior to liberating Ilapa due to the lightning storm surrounding the mountain. Almost impossible.. in that you could get lucky and land in the right spot before you get annihilated. It's better to wait until you have liberated Ilapa by completing the storyline.

The highest point in Solis can be found at the following location:
External image

If you're having difficulty working out exactly which point it is, you should go to the top of the highest tower which is this one:
External image

Once on top of there, you then need to make your way across to the exact point I'm aiming at (it doesn't look right cos of the angle but it IS the highest point) and wander around a bit on top of the rock until the achievement pops:
External image
AussieBigfoot First real chance of getting this is after 3 of the 4 lightning towers are destroyed (by completing Sandstinger/Thunderbarge/Windwalker), i.e. once Project Illapa is available (the final mission) then this is possible.
Posted by AussieBigfoot on 07 Dec 18 at 10:58
NellumNai Yeah, it's impossible to get anywhere near it until then without a face full of lightning.
Posted by NellumNai on 07 Dec 18 at 15:27
Lancet Jades Posted as a guide on Truetrophies, but I don't own it on XB1 so I'll have to leave it as comment:

This trophy can easily be the first trophy acquired in the game. During the opening mission, progress until the checkpoint at Illapa that requires activating a console. The mountain behind the area with the console is the mountain required for the trophy. Grapple to the top and stand there for a couple of seconds to earn the trophy.

Once you approach the summit, an Abandoning Mission Objective timer will pop up, but it is possible to climb to the top and earn the trophy before the 10-second countdown ends. If you fail, just hit Retry and try again.
Posted by Lancet Jades on 27 Jan 19 at 04:04