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Complete a Season PR Stunt and receive a reward.

4 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.
08 Dec 2018 18 Dec 2018
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The player FragiPL found this awesome solution and can confirm that works like a charm.
Well, based on the FragiPL solution, step by step:

Put the console offline
Reset console (restart)
Change the date to 21 October 2018
Start the game offline* and the Roman mile PR Stunt should appear. Just beat it. (Its a speed trap located at top left on the map)
Put the console online, start the game and achievement should pop up.
I used the gamepass copy.

Hope that helps.

*Update: apparently some people need to set home console in order to run the digital copy offline.
Monkster1978Thanks. worked for me.
Posted by Monkster1978 on 08 Dec 18 at 12:15
SkullzRollingThanks a lot. I tought the achievement was bugged for me as no Seasom PR Stunt appeared on my map. Tried your sollution, worked. Up vote
Posted by SkullzRolling on 08 Dec 18 at 16:34
Fresh336669What car did y’all use to get this?
Posted by Fresh336669 on 08 Dec 18 at 18:34
TitaniumBolt14I used the TVR Speed fully maxed and easily got over 240 mph. You can get it from a barn find.
Posted by TitaniumBolt14 on 08 Dec 18 at 19:54
IdenicThanks, worked great
Posted by Idenic on 09 Dec 18 at 08:27
I3rutoFor me doesn’t work because the game don’t start offline, I think because my game is digital
Posted by I3ruto on 09 Dec 18 at 11:22
I3rutoFor me doesn’t work because the game don’t start offline, I think because my game is digital
Posted by I3ruto on 09 Dec 18 at 18:22
Northwolf0700Thanks, worked for me also!
Posted by Northwolf0700 on 09 Dec 18 at 18:43
EUPH0NYYI upvoted because it's a solution indeed but this doesn't work for people who like me own a digital copy of the game.
Posted by EUPH0NYY on 10 Dec 18 at 21:43
lLeoOneBRI got it with digital copy but the gamepass one.
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 11 Dec 18 at 10:26
jacky roosterYes you need the disc for this to work, luckily my friend had one. Nice solution
Posted by jacky rooster on 11 Dec 18 at 23:01
FaTa1 RoBworked once I set my console to home console in order to run the game offline +1
Posted by FaTa1 RoB on 12 Dec 18 at 10:46
lLeoOneBR@FaTa1 RoB thanks for your feedback. In order to update the solution, I’d like to know.. Did you get it with digital copy outside gamepass?
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 12 Dec 18 at 19:05
DAMIEN666777it always has been to where it has to be set to home console for any digital copy to work offline. Really don't get why ppl can't understand this. SMH
Posted by DAMIEN666777 on 15 Dec 18 at 09:03
khan800Shake your head all you want. People can't understand this because it's not readily apparent. I've received no message from my console telling me to set it as my home console if I want to play digital copies offline.

Makes sense, in retrospect, just wish I didn't have to google or scour forums to find this out, when a simple message would suffice. Of course, it's uber-stupid that we have to resort to these measures to get this achievement, when simply having a PR challenge actually appear every season would do the trick.
Posted by khan800 on 15 Dec 18 at 13:49
dizzytechmanWorked Perfectly Thanks :) toast
Posted by dizzytechman on 17 Dec 18 at 07:45
jacky roosterwell said @khan800 - the other thing is, some people actually play for fun and are busy running businesses or looking after growing families to know the ins and outs of digital vs hard copies and how they affect certain aspects of the game.
Posted by jacky rooster on 17 Dec 18 at 23:27
BRANIAC1972Brilliant!Waited three seasons and still there were no PR Stunts, so I followed this solution and it worked a treat. Thumbs up from me and a big thank you too!
Posted by BRANIAC1972 on 20 Dec 18 at 16:58
Panda M4XWorked Perfectly Thanks, Today. Thank You.
Posted by Panda M4X on 26 Dec 18 at 18:34
Flussigdone today it on the railyard ramp by getting 250m in the aventador lp700-4 FE with the best handling tune
Posted by Flussig on 28 Dec 18 at 14:50
Fuzzmeister JA word of warning. This reset my Forzathon weekly and daily challenges. I kept my points though. It worked for the achievement though.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 13 Jan 19 at 05:18