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Get A grade across all Skill Games

Skill Games Legend-2.6
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13 Dec 2018
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This one can be quite tricky, especially goalkeeping drills but it depends what team you use.
How to make this easy
- Change your preferred team to a 5* club and rivals to a 1* club (for example, I choose Barcelona and my rivals was Bray from the Irish league)
- Take your time! There are drills that you can get A grade first time but theres some where you will have to take your time to know what to do especially collecting the coins.
- Goalkeeping drills are annoying, I somehow found holding cn_LB which is auto-positioning, helps me get a better grade.
- Difficulty, I don't believe it makes a massive difference but going into your settings and change it to beginner might help.
If it does help you can edit the rival players and set them to have 1 stat overall.

This is a hard one to obtain, this took me about a week on and off to get this achievement so don't be surprised if you don't get it done within the exact same day.

Best of luck!