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Full of Zest

3-Star The Forest Run Trailblazer Gate in the Peel P50.

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Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117304,212
14 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018
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Step by Step Video on how to easily 3-Star The Forest Run Trailblazer Gate in the Peel P50.

For basic text based instruction open the spoiler below:
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I am trying to make quick and simple to follow guides, if you think this guide can be improved somehow please dont just give a negative score let me know so I can improve the channel.
xNSHDcan you do a video on how to 3 star all the trailblazer runs.
Posted by xNSHD on 17 Dec 18 at 12:29
Demon Fox 00117Sure, I'll need to look back through everything, I'm pretty sure I recorded that
Posted by Demon Fox 00117 on 17 Dec 18 at 18:17
The Last FlightI just got it. I used an A class tune called, well, "Full of Zest". Took me less tries than I thought. So if you're struggling to control an S1 class tune, give A class a try.
Posted by The Last Flight on 18 Dec 18 at 07:22
Br4ndon277Nice one!
Posted by Br4ndon277 on 18 Dec 18 at 14:05
wrongway02I just got this yesterday - for me it was last and most difficult. Key was getting into the woods as fast as possible without losing control in this car as an S1. 53 second mark should do it giving you ample time to navigate the trees. Couple of rewinds might be necessary but if you straight line it as video indicates it’s only a matter of time before you nail it.
Posted by wrongway02 on 18 Dec 18 at 20:55
YAT0Great guide thanks A class worked best for me
Posted by YAT0 on 21 Dec 18 at 20:24
JJ DANG3RI will also add if you use rewind multiple times, the timer on the bottom goes away. It doesn't matter though because it is still timing you!
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 23 Dec 18 at 02:34
GoW ButtersGreat guide. Got me the achievement straight away. Thank you!
Posted by GoW Butters on 11 Mar 19 at 23:16
PirS92got it at the first try! easier than expected!
Posted by PirS92 on 01 Apr 19 at 16:57
R3f1CuLreally wish they'd quit making achs for this absolutely stupid car ...
Posted by R3f1CuL on 03 May 19 at 01:42
planchetflawIs this possible in Winter
Edit: indeed it is. Just got it first try once I did a proper start. Just make a straight line from where you build a run up, through the gate, to the path to the left of the forest. If you get that part done without sliding or spinning then the rest is easy. Don't keep your foot planted. Let the car roll through a lot of it to help with steering corrections. Then punch in once you start going downhill and can see the end gate. If it can be done in winter then this shouldn't be too bad in other seasons.

I used an A tune. Not an S tune. Mine was called Rally Tiger. It had really high speed and super high handling. Check it out instead of the S tunes.
Posted by planchetflaw on 29 May 19 at 07:52
WWookie CookieMy route with the Peel p50
Posted by WWookie Cookie on 27 Jun 19 at 09:38
sbc17I almost never post comments on guides, but I just came here to say this achievement is INFURIATING. It took entirely too long to get this one lol. Thanks for the video, it helped!
Posted by sbc17 on 29 Jun 19 at 19:18
pukem0nnIm an idiot. Tried to do it with the Peel Trident and wondered why it didn’t pop. There is even a tune available called achievement, so I wasn’t the only one I guess lol
Posted by pukem0nn on 25 Jul 19 at 22:04
WILL851a class worked for me as well s class was to hard to handle first try on a class
Posted by WILL851 on 24 Dec 19 at 14:06
I8ITackyticsI8IThis pops if you just miss out on 3 stars too. I did the time in 20.11 seconds (39.89 left) and it still popped, so it should work as long as you get under 20.5.
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 31 Dec 19 at 12:05
ImmortalJedThis is genuinely the worst achievement I've ever tried to get.
Posted by ImmortalJed on 22 Apr at 00:12
Demon Fox 00117ImmortalJed it was annoying, but not that bad, I guess you've never 100% Rayman Legends or Lollipop Chain Saw then. Rayman Legends
Rayman LegendsTruly awesome!The Truly awesome! achievement in Rayman Legends worth 251 pointsReach the final level of Awesomeness.
can take like 3-6 months of playing everyday, and Lollipop Chainsaws
Lollipop ChainsawNo Fear Of HeightsThe No Fear Of Heights achievement in Lollipop Chainsaw worth 36 pointsBeat the Gondola game without shooting.
so annoying
Posted by Demon Fox 00117 on 26 Apr at 00:05
Lasher67I got this after a dozen attempts on an A class tune and got it in 39.something secs. A very painful achievement.
Posted by Lasher67 on 16 May at 10:52
Stuff H4ppenedIndeed a very painful achievement. Try to make it and A class and go strait. This is not the worst achievement I've done.
Posted by Stuff H4ppened on 17 May at 00:00
Trych MasterI agree. Painful. I found it easier to use a Full of Zest build that was S1 class.
Posted by Trych Master on 25 Jun at 01:10
BAE 10I personally found this to be very easy with a little rewinding. Using an A class “Zest” tune did the trick perfectly.
Posted by BAE 10 on 18 Jul at 03:37
Don NielsonI can only find a D-class setup "Ultimate zest". The other mentioned tunes aren't showing up.
Posted by Don Nielson on 06 Aug at 10:48