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Victory Lap

Get Extended Play in Monte Carlo at Medium setting

Victory Lap-0.4
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14 Dec 2018
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cn_RT - Gas
cn_RB - Shift Up
cn_LB - Shift Down
cn_A - 1st Gear
cn_B - 2nd Gear
cn_X - 3rd Gear
cn_Y - 4th Gear

I recommend using Track 2 (Press cn_LT to change tracks at the start screen) as you only need to score 170 and it is much easier to avoid the other drivers. Also, I found using the D-pad made steering much easier.

I stayed in 3rd gear (cn_X) most of the time. If you do end up crashing, quickly press cn_A, right yourself, and get back into 3rd. I crashed twice and just barely scored 170 before my Fuel ran out, so there is some room for error.
negative1neI stuck with the first track, no crashes.
Couldn't do it on the second one.
Posted by negative1ne on 07 Aug 20 at 03:15