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14 Dec 2018
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First, you will want to change some game options to make this easier. Press Start and change "Misses Allowed" to 6.

cn_A - Jump
cn_B - Open Chute
cn_left or cn_right - Steer

The object of the game is to score points by jumping from the plane, opening your chute, and then landing in the designated area. The game will cycle through the letters of the word "SKYDIVER" at the bottom of the screen and if you land successfully by your flag, you will gain whatever letter it was on when you jumped. Collect each letter and you will gain a bonus as well as the achievement.
ErichoyaI didn't even think about changing the options but it sure would have made my life easier. Another tip is to pay close attention to the wind via the flag on the ground as you must factor that in when timing your jumps and chute deployments.
Posted by Erichoya on 12 Jul 19 at 15:45