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In TriPeaks, take 14 cards off the board in a row without using the stock.

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14 Dec 2018 14 Dec 2018
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Off the board means you have to remove a card from the bottom off one of those 3 pyramids.
The stock is the actually the stacked and turned / face down pile underneath.
That means you have to use the first card that is face up next to the stock, to remove 14 cards in a row from those 3 pyramids. To remove a card, the face up card has to be one above or below the one you want to remove from the board.

For example:

Ace = 2 and King
King = Ace and Queen
Queen = King and Jack
Jack = Queen and 10

2 = Ace and 3
3 = 2 and 4

and so on.

Here is how you do it:

Just play the normal game, if you need a Joker, click into the stock once, until the first card changes, then press new game. Repeat this step 2 - 5 time until you have to watch the advert / video, watch it till the end and you will earn the needed Joker / Wildcard.

If you have it, just try to build the streak. It seems like the Joker does count for the streak of 14. If you are not able to build the streak at all, there is a way to increase your chance without losing the Joker, that's what would happen, if you would just go for a new game.

To not lose it, just click trough the entire stock and a symbol is going to appear, it shows some cards and the number 2, that is actually the number of times you are able to deal new cards, without starting an entirely new game. Click it and new cards will be dealt. The whole board gets a reset and you have another chance without loosing your Joker / Wildcard. If you are not able to string it together, you got one more chance to click through the whole stock, click the symbol and the board will be reset. You managed to do it right, if you still got your Joker next to the stockpile and the text at the bottom says: 0 deals left. That is your last chance. After that you have to repeat the whole progress to get another Joker. While playing you can go for undo as many times you want. Use it!

With all those tips you should be able to get the achievement in the fastest possible way.
EarthboundXHaha, was just trying to do this, not 100% understanding how, but the Windows 10 version gives you a free week on Premium, so I got the Joker, then I was just kinda randomly checking out how it all worked, and after a few minutes of undos, it just kinda randomly popped, I don't feel like I got up to 14.
Posted by EarthboundX on 02 Mar at 07:34