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50 Shades of death

Kill Grey-One.

50 Shades of death-0.1
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15 Dec 2018
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Grey One is in an optional zone: Lair of the Horned Devil

This is much easier if you sneak around the side of the big shed that holds a disabled z600 robot. Climb the ladder on the LHS and walk around to the back where you will find a computer terminal. When you activate this terminal it will reset the z600 so that it will attack anything when Grey-One activates it.

Obviously this is easier if you are playing on Normal with the ability to abuse your mutations - from my Normal playthrough this is how I did it:

- After crossing the first bridge head East...
- Note 15: extreme survival weekends (past the moose billboard)
- Ignore the tank on the bridge and follow the other path to find a shaman and marauder charting. As usual silently eliminate them once they seperate.
- Note 16: mimir z600 manual (where shaman is)
- Chest: rambino (by the note)
- Cross a shorter bridge to get to the main camp, eliminate the patrolling marauder on the outskirts
- Head North to find a second patrol
- Continue to sneak around the perimeter of the camp, enter the barn using the ladder and head over to he computer to reprogram the robot!
- Return to the front of the camp, mind control the patrolling ghoul and walk him to a safe place to dispatch him
- Repeat for the pyro that is on a raised platform next to the tank at the big bridge we ignored earlier
- You can now use the same trick for the hunter stood by the camp fire
- Loop around and mind control the tank away. You can’t stop him calling for support but we want to be away from grey one. When grey one enters the fight instead of charging for you he will now be busy fighting the robot you reprogrammed.
- When the tank is gone just sit back and watch the robot and grey one duke it out before mopping up whoever is victorious.
- Chest: Borg band (in a building in the camp)
- Artifact 9: el generator (can’t miss it, worth 4 points)
- Chest: ghoul armour (in the big shed the robot was in)