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Maximum TrueAchievement3,660Maximum Gamerscore1,13734
3.7436,710271 (1%)50-60h

Hunt a deer.

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16 Dec 2018 16 Dec 2018
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In this guide we show you how to get the Hunter achievement easily

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Notorious Kiwi So what should theoretically be one of the easiest achievements in the game has given me a tremendous amount of difficulty as it is quite incredibly bugged (for me). I've been playing through the game in coop with a friend and have killed ~25+ deer and still nothing. For records sake here is a list of things I have tried to stop it being bugged:

- Killing with 1 handed weapon.
- Killing with 2 handed weapon.
- Killing with Bone Spear.
- Killing with Shield-Maiden Spear.
- Resetting all settings to default.
- Turning off AI.
- Closing the game and re-launching.
- Killing the deer in different zones of the map.

So far absolutely none of these have worked to unlock the achievement for me. The only ideas I have left are to start a completely new game which I haven't done yet as we're close to completing the main game. I will report back if at any point I find a solution.
Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 19 Jun 19 at 03:23