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Hack 50 Terminals

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20 Dec 2018
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Morgantown Airport has 2 terminal that can be hacked. Enter the airport and on the first floor there is a vendor bot. Behind it is a room that can be entered 2 ways. Lockpicked directly behind vendor or go around to the other door and hack the terminal to open it (Requires 1 Hacker skill) . On the second floor is the command room (Responder HQ terminal in this room). There is a storage closet with a terminal that can be hacked. The airport is filled with low level scorched. After fast travel to Morgantown Station, cost 0 caps, leave game and reload and head back into airport.
WhiskeyCharlieI used this method to complete this achevo, Thanks by the way. You may want to add that if someone has a level 1 of picklock there are 3 locks to pick in this location as well.
Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 19 Jan 19 at 14:26
AHGregQuick Tip for anyone who wants to check their progress:
- Press start once in a world.
- Press LB to open the menu
- Select Challenges
- Select "World" (in Challenges) and scroll through the list to find "Hack Terminals"
Posted by AHGreg on 26 Apr 19 at 18:38
Hexa FoxThis guide no longer works. For some reason, with the new patch they completely redesigned Morgantown Airport. There is only one terminal to hack that I can find and it is in the basement. It is not easy to describe either.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 24 May 19 at 20:34