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Paris Escalated

Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Paris.

Paris Escalated0
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26 Dec 2018 30 Jan 2021
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So this achievement differs from the original release a bit.

As of now, there are only 2 escalation contracts.
The Videl Cataclysm and The Corky Commotion.

EDIT: According to z 4assed monkey, The Corky Commotion does not count towards this achievement.

I did the Videl Cataclysm. Here's the strats:
I would recommend getting mastery up to the point where you can start in the Attic.
Level 1 - Kill Christophe Nightlinglam as a security guard.
Start in the Attic. Equip pistol, fiber wire and coin.
From the start, turn around and head down the ladder and pacify the guard. Take his uniform.
Go to the target and fiber wire. Pacify the tech crew guy if you want. He may or may not get you in trouble if you leave him alone.

Level 2 - Kill Christophe Nightlinglam as a security guard; you can only wear the security guard for 60 seconds.
Same as level 1.
Only difference is after you kill the target, change into the target's clothes. I would recommend also taking out the tech crew guy in the room too.

Level 3 - Kill Christophe Nightlinglam as a security guard; you can only wear the security guard for 60 seconds; kill Fabrice Sansouci as a security guard.
This one is a little tricky.
From the start, drop down the ladder and drag the body to the door you head out of towards the targets. Move the body as close as possible to the door without showing line of sight to the guard near the door in the next room.
Now grab the letter opener in the room.
When you're ready, change into the security guard uniform and book it to the first target.
He will be sitting down in a chair by the time you get to him. Equip the letter opener and adjust yourself so you aren't in any line of sight of anyone nearby. Throw it at the target and book it to the next.
From there, it's the same as usual. Fiber wire, change into the target's clothes, pacify the tech crey guy, exit.

Level 4 - Kill Christophe Nightlinglam as a security guard; you can only wear the security guard for 60 seconds; kill Fabrice Sansouci as a security guard; some things have been added/removed.
The only addition to level 4 is that there is a guard in Christophe's room which makes fiber wiring the target more difficult as well as a guard in the same hallway as the first target who has direct line of sight.
In planning, replace either the coin or the fiber wire with a remote explosive or breaching charge (I only had access to the remove explosive).
Again do the same as you did before, with the dragging and grabbing the letter opener.
After you kill the first target, run away as fast as you can because the guard will be looking.
For the second target, stand next to him and drop the remote explosive. Run away.
After you're a safe distance away, detonate. Then exit.

Level 5 - Kill Eric Hebert as auction staff; kill Alain Rocheleau as auction staff; you can only wear the auction staff disguise for 60 seconds; some things have been added/removed.
As you can see, they threw a curveball and changed the objective for level 5.
Because of this, change your starting position to the AV Crew start. Keep the pistol, remote explosive and coin as your loadout.
From the start, run to the target Eric Hebert first. He will go upstairs if you don't take him out first and it'll be annoying to get him back down.
Run into the room with only one auction staff member inside (big room that's practically empty with the food and such).
As Eric is passing by the room, throw a coin to get him inside. It may take 2.
Afterwards, pacify him. DON'T kill him yet.
Then, close all the doors in the room (there's several). Pacify the other auction staff guy.
Now drop the remote explosive near Eric.
Change into the auction staff disguise from either person and then run towards the other target.
Once you're a safe distance away, detonate the explosive.
As you get to the second target, dispose of him however you want. He will be alone.
Once you kill him, change into the target's clothes to cancel out the timer.
Exit and you're done with the contract.

Feel free to provide feedback!
z 4assed monkeyCompleting The Corky Commotion does not pop this achievement. None of the added GOTY escalations affect these achievements.
Posted by z 4assed monkey on 03 Jan 19 at 16:33
mossfan563Thanks for letting me know. Updated the solution.
Posted by mossfan563 on 03 Jan 19 at 17:18
I Ebon Hawk II got to level 4 and couldn't beat it due to consistently running out of time. If you kill the guy with the remote explosive you can't take his disguise. Then the exit is too far away to get to before the timer runs out.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 07 Jan 19 at 23:37
mossfan563I'll review level 4 and revise the solution.
Posted by mossfan563 on 09 Jan 19 at 14:26
ajnankivellGood guide. Did level 4 differently - involving coins and lots of unconcious bodies but everything else was great!
Posted by ajnankivell on 15 Mar 19 at 18:29
ZordnilLvl 4. Didnt like the idea of explosives and having to change outfit after. But there was another letter opener in that room that i used on the new guard. The target noticed that though so i shot him an then had to shoot the tech guy as well, but it worked.
Posted by Zordnil on 02 Aug 19 at 11:28
OhMyGoth1If you're not trying to be all sneaky, you can just go loud and shoot everyone and run. Works pretty well.
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 30 Sep 19 at 01:02
AllOvaMyselfYou've gotta be quick, but I've got a version for running Level 5 that works if you've got 2 remote explosives. It's sloppy, but it gets the job done. For reference I had a Micro and a Mk.II remote explosive equipped:

Starting as the AV crew, run to the isolated Security Guard target who'll be a through a couple of doors on your right. Instead of choking him out, hit him in the head with the Mk.II remote explosive which gets the same result a little quicker. Immediately go back toward where you started the level, but as soon as you come back through the door to the Crew area, head immediately left through a set of open double doors which lead to a corridor that heads toward Eric Herbert (the Auction Staff Target) if you take a right. However, as you pass through the double doors close them behind you and wait here for a moment.

In a beat or two, a guy dressed as Auction Staff will come in from the right headed toward a door on your left. Subdue him as soon as he steps into this little alcove. With the remote still in hand from the Mk.II, immediately take his disguise, detonate the first explosive and start running down the aforementioned corridor toward Eric Herbert who will already be en route to the stairs as you grab the fire extinguisher on the right wall by the two guards. Put yourself between Eric and the door he wants to go through and tap the D-pad over to the Micro Remote Explosive and press Y to drop it.

Because you have a fire extinguisher in hand, you'll drop them together, and when the Micro detonates, the extinguisher will be to blame and not your explosive. So once you've dropped them, run straight forward into the wall at the top of the landing (there's a staircase leading down on your left) and detonate the explosive. Don't run down the stairs until after the detonation because the Micro is still powerful enough to knock down the chandelier and it'll kill you.

After detonation, run down the staircase and then out to the helicopter waiting outside. There will be some guards outside that can blow your cover, but you should be able to easily avoid them all and get on board.

Like I said, it's sloppy, but it works.
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 15 Aug 20 at 07:35
MustangNightsI did the Teague Temptation and it was rather easy. I did the first 3 levels with standard gear but found an easier way for the last 2 levels.

Start out as av, head down the stairs behind your start and take out the video recording that when you turn left and head straight will be at the end of the long hallway. Shoot it from distance and head back up to top of stairs. Turn left and head to end of that open area. Last room on right has the letter opener for the last 2 levels. Use a coin to distract security guard away from target security when at railing then push target. 1st target dead. Back at end by stairs is the other target, you can either hit him at av boards or when he goes in bathroom on other side of stairs. If you get seen no biggie don't just pacify anyone and head to exit at bottom of stairs.
Posted by MustangNights on 23 Sep 20 at 03:36
iMmOrT4L Sh4DoWWhere can I find the scalation mission?
Posted by iMmOrT4L Sh4DoW on 30 Sep 20 at 01:46
MattiasAndersonNo fiber wiring allowed! Need to push instead. Many things seems wrong with the guide. Maybe the game version is different on the xbox one or something?

Can wear the security guard uniform as long as I want!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 13 Oct 20 at 14:15
SweetArkhaneFrom the 360 version?
Posted by SweetArkhane on 09 Jan at 17:31
Catatonic NaliMost likely means from how it was on the original release of Hitman in 2016. Tons of other small changes have been put in place between that game and the levels as they appear in Hitman 2.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 30 Jan at 13:25
mossfan563Sorry about that. I think I was playing a 360 game while writing this solution lol
Posted by mossfan563 on 30 Jan at 19:06
EternallyBrokenDunno about before but this guide works and is correct now. Regarding what your objectives are and what you are not allowed to do during the missions. Maybe it was wrong before but that the guide maker updated and edited this solution so that it's now correct.
Posted by EternallyBroken on 05 Mar at 09:22