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17 Feb 2009
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3 choices you make in the story.

Don't shoot your mother
Don't forgive your father
Save wheeler

This will give you the U.F.O. ending which means on your next playthrough (new game) you will get the laser gun from Joshuas bedroom in the house, so you just play the 1st part of your new game without the laser gun. Up until you reach the house.
But it's worth getting as it really does make the game easier (unlimited ammo with powerful laser shots)
WeisGuy9Great tip about the laser gun. Thanks!
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 07 Jun 09 at 11:40
OnzaSo what does it take to get each ending? Sounds like a full play-through, is that correct?

How long does each play-through take?

Posted by Onza on 27 Jan 10 at 17:48
CRISP EATERSWhen you are in the prison you can save the game just before you make your 1st choice .. about three quarters of the game played. From there you can finish of the different variations of endings. Enjoy your 1st play through and take your time and enjoy it. But once you know what you're doing then you can fly through the different variation endings. What 4 hrs i guess for a full play through. I took my time.
Posted by CRISP EATERS on 28 Jan 10 at 20:50
OnzaThanks! I'll be sure to save. I had actually asked this question before I got the game... Now I have it. Fun game.
Posted by Onza on 07 Feb 10 at 21:59