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Death from Above

In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane

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30 Dec 2018 28 Jan 2019
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This is one of the more challenging achievements to obtain and can get somewhat annoying for most but hopefully with some of these tips you can unlock this with a breeze as I destroyed all 5 in one match with a friend. wink

- From the Main Menu go to PLAY
- ADVANCED SEARCH [on the right]
Game modes: CONQUEST
Maps: NARVIK + FJELL 652 + HAMADA + ARRAS + PANZERSTORM (these are all the possible maps to obtain this, but I highly recommend Arras & Hamada as these were the only maps my friend and I completed this on, and netted us both the achievement in about an hour of time)
Slots: 10+
Regions: ANY
-Go to VIEW SERVERS or press cn_Y

Your goal here is to find a server as close to 16 players as possible as this is the minimum amount needed to start a match. We did not have much luck in the morning or afternoon time but in the evening it seemed a lot more active finding servers with this criteria and goal.

Join the server and invite your friend. You most likely will be on the same team or squad. The trick here is to hit cn_start and got to SCOREBOARD, now have you or your friend go to the profile of a member on the opposite team and click Join Game. Most of the time this will work and now both of you are on opposite teams.toast

To enter a plane you need to be on the spawn screen and hover over your Home Base (flag symbol). To the right of your Home Base there should be an icon like an propeller. If it's grayed and does not have a number next to it you must wait for a teammate to crash theirs or one to spawn. If there is one available you can hover over it and use the cn_RB to choose a plane that has bombs (little bomb 250lb symbol under plane icon).

Now for the person on the other team, spawn as Support class and make sure you have an AT Mine equipped (this is unlocked from the start, no level up required), you can also do this with the Assault class and make sure you have Sticky Dynamite equipped (this is unlocked from the start, no level up required). Now look on the mini map for a symbol that looks like a cannon (circle with two lines/barrels), you may zoom the mini map to make this easier by pressing cn_back. These stationary weapons are called Flak 38 or Pak 40, or at least these are the only ones we used. Once you have found one pull out your Sticky Dynamite or AT Mines using cn_right then throwing two down by the stationary weapon using cn_LT. Now enter the gun/weapon.

Now this part will vary with skill and may take some time to learn to fly (3rd person view helps) and drop bombs and such, but the player on the stationary weapon; his job is to communicate and continuously fire his weapon into the sky to become more visible and easier to locate. Now depending on control schemes used by the plane pilot they will need to switch weapons to go to equip their bombs, then simply find the other player and drop them, in hopes your accurate with your load[hehe] this should set-off the explosives and destroy the stationary weapon along with your friend. You can pick-up more ammo/bombs by flying by a resupply station on either side of the map(icon that hovers in the sky) and waiting in the lower right corner for your bombs to reload. Now do this four more times and hear that majestic sound and relief in your soul to have this rare achievement done. clap



Thank you to "Damron"! the link to his account is above.

Damron has kindly made a video guide demonstrating and acting upon the text guide I provided and has given me permission to share his video. We understand some enjoy just watching the solution in action and listening instead, so enjoy! smile

- An extra tip that I didn't think about and didn't add into my guide that Damron shows in his video is that...If you use the Support class and change to the hammer you can build a stationary machine gun or Flak 38 and Pak 40 at certain locations on the map.

AaronJamesx38Perfect guide buddy dance
Posted by AaronJamesx38 on 30 Dec 18 at 08:49
GrubbmeisterThis is a really great guide man. First one to explain how to effectively switch teams. I miss how it was on the old Battlefields where you literally had the option to Switch Teams. Lol anyways if anyone wants to boost this, I'm totally game. GT - Grubbmeister
Posted by Grubbmeister on 30 Dec 18 at 10:51
MisterSledgeCould use help boosting as well. GT - MisterSledge
Posted by MisterSledge on 31 Dec 18 at 19:05
Rknb117Thanks for the guide!
Just want to add that crashing a bomber into an AA gun does NOT destroy it or damage it, so don’t bother haha
Posted by Rknb117 on 21 Feb 19 at 17:02
monkeybiscitzAnyone wanna boost GT- monkeybiscitz
Posted by monkeybiscitz on 27 Mar 19 at 16:02
Homunculus FurySo twice in the last day I've blown up 2 turrets got the notification and it did not count towards the achievement. I only needed 1 more and got two yesterday and no luck. Did something change?
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 03 Apr 19 at 08:29
Mattyl22l@HomunculusFury - Make sure the turret is manned/someone occupying it while you destroy it. Also make sure you are not just killing the person and actually destroying the gun as well as that happens quite often.
Posted by Mattyl22l on 03 Apr 19 at 10:38