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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Help Sargento with his ambush, meet the mysterious Javi Huerta, and visit Garland King on set

Allow Me to Introduce Myself0
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02 Jan 2019 04 Jan 2019
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You can find icons on your map indicated by a J, S, or G. You simply need to do the first mission for each to unlock this.
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thomaskorat Did almost all Sargento missions, many J missions, two G missions, hasn't unlocked yet.
Posted by thomaskorat on 14 Mar 19 at 17:18
NeuroticAlias Not me. Been through a few missions of each but nothing. Stuck at 66%
Posted by NeuroticAlias on 16 Mar 19 at 06:58
Hedganian Hasn't unlocked for me, I've done many missions for all three characters. I'm thinking it's another victim of the server disconnection issue - if the game loses connection to the servers it won't track/unlock some achievements and it seems not to reconnect automatically nor have an option to reconnect.

Probably going to have to start a new game to get this. So tedious.
Posted by Hedganian on 28 Mar 19 at 00:04
wolfsburgraz This didn't unlock for me either. I did two of three things for the achievement in one session and figured I would get the last one the next time I played. No luck. I'm far enough into the game now that I don't really want to start again just for this. cry
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 09 Jun 19 at 23:32
Drethe1st Same here..... really annoying....
Posted by Drethe1st on 25 Jul 19 at 22:21
wolfsburgraz I started again and did the three missions in one session, the achievement unlocked. Perhaps edit a notation into your solution that this achievement seems buggy for some people and may not unlock if you don't complete them all in one play session.
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 25 Aug 19 at 08:05