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Ride or Die

Reach top standing with Ventkids

Ride or Die-11.4
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06 Jan 2019 21 Mar 2019
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You earn Ventkids standing by doing tricks on your K-Drive. You earn 1 standing for every 4 points you score from those tricks. The most points you can earn in one trick is 3000, meaning 750 standing.

I found a way to consistently score 3000 point tricks in significantly less than a minute. Find a nice flat place away from enemies (like one of the lakes), and be in boosting mode on your K-Drive. What you want to do is mash the jump button as fast as possible while moving the left stick in a circle. By mashing the jump button, you will be both performing tricks while in the air, then jumping immediately when you land. If you jump fast enough, your trick does not end and will continue earning a multiplier. Once you try for a little bit you should get the hang of how to do it. I tend to stop the trick at about 80 points, with a 40x multiplier (3200 points).

Here is a video example:
Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

EDIT: seems to have been patched as of 3/20/19
EvolvedMonkey97Wow this is way better than grinding the rails by Fortuna. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by EvolvedMonkey97 on 07 Jan 19 at 01:41
egiduxLithThank's for great solution!
Posted by egiduxLith on 08 Jan 19 at 21:00
ScruffinNice find! I was going to post the pipe solution when there was no solution posted but why waste your time when you have this method. Good job!
Posted by Scruffin on 10 Jan 19 at 19:26
Cheva1ierthis looks a little less bothersome than the 3000 method I found on youtube related to grinding around in a circle at The Pearl, since I had to stop and eradicate the corpus so I wouldn't get bothered while I was grinding around and around. Wish I had seen this before I did the grind and finished max standing!
Posted by Cheva1ier on 11 Jan 19 at 06:33
Mr WinkypantLooks awesome. I haven't really made much progress on this, now I have a goto method. Thanx!
Posted by Mr Winkypant on 23 Jan 19 at 13:10
Shadow 00 FoxPlease add the max needed to get the achievement and the time likely involved. Thanks.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 30 Jan 19 at 07:12
SchaafyComsidering the time needed is based on players mastery rank, i cant give an actual estimate, though it will take at least a week for MR 25, longer for those with a lower rank. I also dont know the exact amount of points needed, but its somewhere near 500,000.
Posted by Schaafy on 30 Jan 19 at 14:06
FoogaPearl rail grinding feels easier to me for some reason. This feels super inconsistent.
Posted by Fooga on 30 Jan 19 at 15:09
SchaafyIts tough to get it every time, mostly because of the speed with which you need to mash. This is by far faster than pretty much any other method, though other methods may be a lot easier.
Posted by Schaafy on 30 Jan 19 at 16:29
EYEHUNTER 42Is there a way to check your standing?
Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 on 13 Feb 19 at 22:16
SchaafyTo check your total standing you can fast travel to the vent kids in fortuna. To check your daily standing remaining, you can go to your profile and scroll to the syndicates tab.
Posted by Schaafy on 13 Feb 19 at 22:40
JoKeRWiNs89is that the base k drive your using ?
Posted by JoKeRWiNs89 on 21 Feb 19 at 01:54
Schaafyyea, every k-drive has the same stats from what I saw though, so it shouldn't matter.
Posted by Schaafy on 21 Feb 19 at 02:36
InugamiTheHoundwow thanks for this. I'm gonna do this when I get a chance.
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 09 Mar 19 at 08:35
LV 1 Blue SlimeHella fast. Tough part is mashing A consistently for so long. Being in "boost mode" is really important, it takes much longer to build the multiplier otherwise.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 09 Mar 19 at 09:36
Massonmy standings is 5000/5000 so how do I raise the cap?
Posted by Masson on 13 Mar 19 at 22:16
Cheva1ierTalk to Roky in the Ventikids room (use the vent on the second floor in Fortuna, or fast travel from your main menu). Once into the Standing menu with Roky, hit Y to access "Promote". Ventikids is one of the only Standings where you don't need money or an item to raise your rank.
Posted by Cheva1ier on 13 Mar 19 at 22:58
WOODY2211Have they patched this with the new update that dropped today? Could someone else test it please, I was doing this this morning but tried again after the update and now it doesn't seem to work.
Posted by WOODY2211 on 21 Mar 19 at 00:37
Schaafyyea, it looks like this might be patched, i just tried for a couple minutes and the only way i could get the combo to go up was doing different tricks, which makes this MUCH more difficult.
Posted by Schaafy on 21 Mar 19 at 03:21
LV 1 Blue SlimeYup, doesn't seem to work anymore. Just grinded rails, which is slower and a bigger pain in the ass.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 21 Mar 19 at 08:03
TealRedeemerYou also now get double the standing for doing the daily races. I got 7k for doing one race twice which only took a couple minutes.
Posted by TealRedeemer on 21 Mar 19 at 11:21
SchaafyGood to know! If anyone wants to write a different solution, feel free, i never used any other methods so im unfamiliar with them. At least the races sound worth it now.
Posted by Schaafy on 21 Mar 19 at 16:25
Sera Di SiahIt seems with the latest updates, you get a guaranteed 2500 standing per race and 100 standing per checkpoint. If you can find a short race that begins and ends at the same spot, that's some really decent consistent farming... just sucks the races change every day. I'd say find all 5 races every day, and after all 5 farm the fastest one until the daily cap. You can earn Mastery Rank * 1000 + 1000. Mastery 10 = 11K a day, Mastery 23 = 24K a day.. etc etc. Considering it's about half a million standing you need, that's a grind alright.
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 25 May 19 at 17:19
XellizWith the active races now visible on the map while on a K drive, gaining rep is so much easier now.
Posted by Xelliz on 17 Jun 19 at 11:59
InquisitorZacRacing is the way to go. They are forgivingly easy and quite quick to complete. You can even repeat the same race over and over again to max out daily rep if the finish line ends near the race start. They net anywhere from 2k-6k rep a completion.
Posted by InquisitorZac on 02 Mar at 11:18