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Stairway To Heavens in Warface

Stairway To Heavens911 (55)

Complete all stages of the HQ special operation

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Cr4ck Sh0t23
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Cr4ck Sh0t23
Achievement won on 06 Jan 19
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Posted on 06 January 19 at 20:03
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This achievement is for completing all floors of the tower raid HQ. It is located in the special operations menu and it costs 1 access token to play for everyone. This is automatically a hard mission so there is team damage so watch where you shoot. This guide will give you an in depth look on each floor and the optimal strategy for completing this.

Everyone should have

-Warlord gear or better. This goes without say but warlord is the cheapest you can have that will also regenerate your health. Health regen is crucial especially in the later levels. You can go for the elite helmet and gloves if you have the crowns as it adds a little more protection. Not so much the elite vest since you lose a little armor regeneration but get a little explosive protection and more ammo reserves.

-Resurrection coins. Prepare to die, a lot. I would say a safe number to go into this is 25 coins. last thing you need is to die and not be able to help your team. You can use 2 revives coins per level and you get revived if your team completes a floor.

-smoke grenades. Not as effective as they should be but they do provide a deterrence for the enemies. Handy when you are running to the elevator.

-VIP boosters. Not really needed, you do get a LOT of XP during this mission.

The Setup

These are my recommendations on each particular class. You can adjust it to however it suits you but this is what my group ran.


-Gold PKP Pecheneg or M60E4. Having a 200+ ammo clip means less reloads. You don't really want an assault rifle since half the time you will be unloading on a enemy. Personal recommendation is the PKP.

*we didn't need ammo packs since everyone was well stocked and I only used my regular ammo pack twice. You get restocked after each floor.


- Franchi spas-15 or Hawk pump. Pump action vs auto. We didn't use any medics so I can't say which shotgun was the best. Just my thoughts on which ones I would use.

-Portable Defibrillator and Adrenalin medkit. Helps greatly with healing and reviving.


-Honey Badger or PP2000. The Badger even though lacking on clip size makes up for it on damage. PP2000 has a bigger clip though it lacks in damage. it seems to do good in long range.

-Plate armor kit or Composite armor kit. doesn't really matter on which one you prefer, just get one.


-H&K SL8. Any Semi auto with modest damage will work fine. Don't do bolt actions unless you are REALLY confident in your skills.

My group ran with:
2 Assault
2 Engineer
1 Sniper

*The reasons we didn't run with a medic is that they only carry a shotgun. Meaning they sit around and most of the damage we took was from our shields. Our medic had a hard time surviving and was basically a sitting duck on a crucial level (will explain later). Our group needed that extra protection and AD control.

An ideal group should consist of:
2 Assault
1 Medic
1 Engineer
1 Sniper

*If you don't have a decent sniper, switch them out with a assault or engineer.

The Mission

You must ascend each floor fighting off waves of enemies to get to the roof. Each floor lasts about 2-3 minutes. It will progressively get harder the higher you go. Few things to keep in mind.

*This is a HARD mission, meaning team damage is on.

*You can use 2 resurrection coins per level (Not counting medic revives).

*If everyone is dead, meaning no coins can be used by anyone, Game over.

* When you complete a floor, your health & ammo gets restocked and any dead teammates gets revived.

Floor 1

Few basic enemies. If you die here, SERIOUSLY REEVALUATE

Floor 2

Few more basic enemies

Floor 3

Even More basic enemies. Nothing hard

*For the first 3 floors, we stayed in the elevator the whole time. In later floors it will fill up with poisonous gas so this is not an ideal strategy.

Floor 4

The floor will be "smoking". There will be a bunch of CQC/ melee guys so keep your distance.

Floor 5

Certain areas of the floor will be on fire so it limits your play area. bunch of Melee and RPG guys so watch the catwalk area.

Floor 6

Shield Guys with assaults and melee. Still not too hard just make sure you pick each other up when someone goes down.

Floor 7

Heavy soldiers and heavy shield guys. Starting to pick up a bit but noting too hard.

Floor 8

RPG Floor. Normally its not that bad but they can do lots of damage if they are not in check. Find a good hiding spot and pick them off. Medics and engineers should heal when needed. Don't group up.

Floor 9

A mixture of heavys, assaults and shields. Watch for the second floor.

Floor 10

More of the same from last floor except now you will have snipers.

Floor 11

Melee CQC floor, a lot of them. Don't let these guys get too close because 4-5 hits from these guys means death.

Floor 12

Heavy gunner and a few spec ops. Ok, For this floor you do not have to kill the gunner just survive long enough for the elevator to open. As soon as you enter this floor Immediately split up to each end of the level. Two on the left and three on the right and then prone for cover.

* We encountered a glitch where if we were fast enough to do this the heavy will not spawn, just the other enemies. If he still spawns its not a big deal.

The gunner will slowly move to one side. Keep yourself in cover from him. When he gets too close move to the other end. Wait a little longer. By that time the elevator should be ready to go.

-If you do decide to kill him for whatever reason shotguns work greatly with this.

Floor 13

RPG floor. BE VERY CAREFUL. They will kill you pretty quickly, they do more damage. Grouping up is the worst thing you can do here. Same tactic you did in floor 8 just hide and pick off enemies when you can.

Floor 14

Spec ops, melee. For this one fire will limit you to one side of the floor. Stay near the elevator and don't let the enemies group up.

Floor 15

Shields, spec ops, snipers, RPG, heavys. At each end of the floor it will start filling with gas. Pushing you to the front of the elevator. Best just to stay close to the elevator.

Floor 16

Melee and snipers. Don't let enemies knock you down since snipers will finish you off really quickly

Floor 17

Where do I begin. THIS..........FLOOR............SUCKS. You have little to no cover and all enemies come out if full force. My guess is that this is why you are looking at this guide is because of this floor specifically. I will give you the best tips I can but ultimately comes down to luck.

As soon as the elevator opens everyone go left (more cover). Three people go as far back left as they can (sniper, medic, engineer) and prone. Prone in this game sucks. The slightest movement might force you to stand up. They will cover the doors on their left side and pick off RPG and spec ops on the other side. Be careful of the turret on the scaffolding behind you, take care of him. Snipers need to be on point here if you have them. Medic is only good for healing and reviving, not much else. Healing and reviving is important, but killing enemies is just as important. Medic can't hit those long range shots so unless your teammates are taking lots of damage, they don't do much.

An assault should be prone in between the long couch and the wall covering 2 doors on the left, spec ops, demos above, and spec ops near the elevator.

Another assault should be ahead of everyone proned in between the planter and first door. watching the first door on the right and the left, watching out for spec ops and demos. If your hiding spot is good you should not die as often. Our assault was really good here.

*key here is watching those doors on the left since one enemy can run out and mess up your dynamic. Also spec ops will do great damage if left unchecked. If you do die and a medic is unavailable, wait til the last second to use your coin.

** The video in the bottom of the guide is a good reference on how my group did it. (17th floor starts at 39:20) its not exactly the same but its helpful.

Alternate method

There is an alternate method for completing this floor, I have not tested this so I don't know if it will work right. You need 2 medics, 2 assault, and 1 engineer. Stay in the elevator and 2 medics prone. They constantly heal/ revive everyone. Engineer hides behind the door of the elevator and shields everyone. The assaults step out every so often and kills all of the enemies.

*Not my video

Floor 18

This floor is a cakewalk compared to the last floor. you can use the same tactic from the last floor make sure you keep prone.

Final Floor

This is the last floor (Yes there's a 19th floor). Pay attention.

You have 30 seconds to shoot down a helicopter as it is taking off. If you do not shoot it down in time, he will leave and you will FAIL. You have free fire rockets and a bunch of enemies around. Here is what you should do.

Sniper: If you have a sniper, shoot out the 2 turrets as fast as you can. Then go for the spec ops on the railings on the left and right sides. If you can't get the turrets quickly, smoke them and ad control.

Everyone else: grab the rockets on the left and right side and bum rush the helicopter. Don't worry about ADS at the moment. If done right, you can get 3 hits on it before it takes off. If you die, quickly self revive, don't wait for a medic. Time is limited, so are rockets. I will take 4 hits to kill the helicopter. Keep moving and careful of melees and spec ops. Once you destroy it make your way back to the elevator. As long as at least 1 person makes it......................CONGRADULATIONS. You just completed the HQ tower raid.

Here is a video on the whole HQ raid from beginning to end. Its not my video and its played on PC, but it is very helpful.

Big shout out to my group. Without them I wouldn't be able to write this guide:
Cr4ck Sh0t23
Tjena Kexet
Kanchanaburi Great job. Hopefully this will help more people complete this insanely hard achievement@!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 06 Jan at 20:37
d3str0y3r619 you must complete all 20 rounds WITHOUT disconnecting/leaving the session. otherwise, you wont get the achievement.
Posted by d3str0y3r619 on 20 Jan at 19:47
CRUM LEE I think you can disconnect, but you need to come back before the round ends. Great write-up here. We also stayed in the elevator on F17. I had so much fun completing this with my group.
Posted by CRUM LEE on 22 Jan at 13:50
Markyshizzle I can confirm that the alternative method works! The main thing to making it work is having the medics with the faster medkit/revive and the engineer with faster armor output!

Also we kept failing wave 17 until myself as the engineer started picking off one side of snipers. So if i looked in the direction i was healing a saw a sniper, id pop him real quick and go back to dishing armor
Posted by Markyshizzle on 02 Feb at 08:27
d3str0y3r619 you can't leave at all, my group made me leave and come back on round 16 and i ended up being the only person who did not get it.
Posted by d3str0y3r619 on 04 Feb at 21:43
The SCHWARTZ 00 Crum, Avoids, myself, GS13 Proxy, and Gods N Humans did this around the time the game first released. The 17th floor is the one that will end your run 99% of the time. We just decided to stay in the elevator, with the one guy watching the front of the elevator with an LMG, a Medic constantly spinning around and healing, and the other three guys picking off everyone on the balconies and ESPECIALLY the turret. Spec Ops and Rocket men will fuck your shit up before you can blink, so take them out as soon as they appear. The last two floors aren't nearly as difficult but you still must be careful to take down the chopper before it flies away. Nothing sucks more ass than to finally get to the end just to watch the final boss float off into the sunset with his middle finger at you.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 21 Feb at 03:51
MannedPython070 I can confirm that beating the tower does NOT grant you the beating a mission on hard achievement
Posted by MannedPython070 on 01 Mar at 09:54