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Did you lick it?


Did you lick it?0
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Act 1.

While you are at the barn with AJ and James go up to AJ and tell him to lick the salt cube.
Lol I know all too well..
Posted on 15 Jan 19 at 10:14
DAMIEN666777ppl hate on here for stupid reasons man i wouldn't let it get to me. Try to help ppl out on and some just don't care they just neg on ppls stuff for no reason other than to boost their friends stuff. Just put some up myself not long ago and got 2 or 3 negs on what i thought would help ppl out but can't please everyone.
Posted by DAMIEN666777 on 15 Jan 19 at 10:17
vK KnaveDamn, man. The reference on this achievement got me all nostalgic :( Thanks for the guide BTW
Posted by vK Knave on 15 Jan 19 at 20:33
AgentOfAbyssJust a heads up you don't have to tell AJ to lick it, you can tell him not to lick it and it will still pop.
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 22 May 19 at 20:42