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Cleaning the Streets

Wipe out Kale and Shah with the train, Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe, and Rangan with the fan.

Cleaning the Streets0
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Segendary TySegendary Ty657,690
16 Jan 2019 16 Jan 2019
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So there is 3 parts to this achievement

1) Rangan with the fan
-Follow the mission story: Gone with the Wind.
-Make sure to sabotage the Fan

2) Wipe out Kale and Shah with the train
-This completes the "All aboard" Challenge
-Follow this video on youtube for it. All credits go to MrFreeze2244.
-Make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to his channel if this video helped you.
Optional This can also be done on Master Difficulty and is probably the easiest Suit Only Silent Assassin challenge of the game which can be helpfull for XP purposes

Press A when prompted during the kill cutscene to immediately exit the level

3) Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe
-For this you have to complete "The Suspsension Is Murder" challenge.
-Again I refer to a video done by MrFreeze2244. On this video he exclusively does the challenge. So no need for extra sneakyness / Silent Assassin to obtain your achievement
-Make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to his channel if this video helped you.
BTbenTRDidn't pop for me
Posted by BTbenTR on 02 Apr 19 at 13:01
NameOfTheMasterWeirdly, this didn't pop for me either, and I followed both videos, and did the fan as my original play through kill.
Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 11 Apr 19 at 16:05
Segendary TyMake sure to play on the same difficulty for all of them. Have you redone any challenge?

Don't forget to finish the level for this to save properly
Posted by Segendary Ty on 11 Apr 19 at 16:11
NameOfTheMasterYou have to do them all on the same difficulty?!?
Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 12 Apr 19 at 06:32
Segendary TyI don't believe so but I'm trying to find out the cause of it not popping 😉
Posted by Segendary Ty on 12 Apr 19 at 08:45
Opus TakiIf it didn't pop Kale and Rangaan is probably the problem. The solution is do not release the concrete pipe. Line it up as in the video, but instead of releasing it, go outside and shoot the tackle holding the pipe up to make it drop on Rangaan and Kale. Worked perfectly for me.
Posted by Opus Taki on 20 Apr 19 at 20:01
Fang FoomDidn’t pop for me either along with several other achievements. Lame
Posted by Fang Foom on 03 Jun 19 at 18:37
NameOfTheMasterCan anyone confirm if Opus Takis solution is correct?
Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 05 Jul 19 at 09:20
Thai JIt did not pop for me and I can confirm what Opus Taki said that it was the cement pipe kill that did not work. However, when I reloaded a save I did two things differently so I’m not sure which one fixed the issue. Firstly, after lining up the pipe I went outside and used RB to identify Kale which turned him red. Then I shot the tackle to drop the pipe. One of these two things fixed the achievement for me. Hope that helps.
Posted by Thai J on 18 Sep 19 at 03:36
Chester CheevoI can confirm that if it doesn’t unlock for you, do the pipe kills over and make sure you don’t drop the pipe until the maelstrom is confirmed. I went and waited outside the shed until he was confirmed and also pressed RB to be safe and then went back in the shed to the crane controls and dropped the pipe and the achievement unlocked. I don’t think it’s possible to drop the pipe by shooting the chains FYI.
Posted by Chester Cheevo on 20 Sep 19 at 03:39
T0DDFERGUS0NDidn't unlock for me either at first, I reloaded a save right before Rangan and Kale meet and shot the pipe down rather than dropping it from the control station, I also all ready knew who Kale was because i had infiltrated the base, got his photo, and walked the slums until it confirmed his identify.
Posted by T0DDFERGUS0N on 31 Jan at 21:40
Mikeyoj200I have reloaded saves and killed all again and even tried to kill Rangan by shooting the pipe to fall and the achievement still won't unlock
Posted by Mikeyoj200 on 29 Mar at 19:45