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First Flight

Completed Mission 01 in campaign mode.

First Flight0
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20 Jan 2019 10 Mar 2019
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This achievement is for completing the first mission of the game and can be obtained on any difficulty.

This is my playthrough of Mission 01 - Charge Assault on normal.

Aircraft used: F-15E
Special weapon: 6AAM (6 air to air missiles)
Score required: None
Time limit: 25:00

Tip: I played through a couple of hours of multiplayer, gaining enough MRP (in game currency) to purchase the F-15E which made this a lot easier and more fun than the starting F-16C. Around Mission 12, I had enough to purchase the F-22A which is the most capable aircraft I've found so far. The currency, planes and most part upgrade unlocks work across multiplayer / singleplayer but some upgrades are exclusive to multiplayer. You can also go into 'Free Mission' to replay for some extra cash.