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Completed Mission 09 in campaign mode.

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20 Jan 2019 10 Mar 2019
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This achievement is for completing the ninth mission of the game and can be obtained on any difficulty.

Here's my playthrough of Mission 09 - Faceless Soldier on normal.

Aircraft used: F-15E
Special weapon: 6AAM (6 air to air missiles)
Score required: None (Normal)
Time limit: 15:00 (Normal)

For the first section, stay under the clouds as much as possible and only pop out to eliminate the targets. Make use of the map and expand it to it's largest size using the view button (the old back button). This will help you navigate to the radar sites.

In the second part, keep shooting down the enemy planes but make note of the red circles on your map. The circles are only outlines but they're missile blast zones and you need to stay away from them for obvious reasons.

Tip: I played through a couple of hours of multiplayer, gaining enough MRP (in game currency) to purchase the F-15E which made this a lot easier and more fun than the starting F-16C. Around Mission 12, I had enough to purchase the F-22A which is the most capable aircraft I've found so far. The currency, planes and most part upgrade unlocks work across multiplayer / singleplayer but some upgrades are exclusive to multiplayer. You can also go into 'Free Mission' to replay for some extra cash.