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Cycle of Battle

Defeated Garland.

Cycle of Battle+0.4
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Legendary J ManLegendary J Man475,875
23 Jan 2019
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The Lich is the worst. I was in the 90s when I did these dungeons and I still had problems with the Lich. Everytime he kills you he heals like 30,000 HP. I wasted so many items keeping my party alive and the fight took so long. I did not have Gravity, which might have made the fight easier, but I eventually discovered something even better.

Throw an elixer on the Lich. This is final fantasy, undead get hurt by healing. I sure wish I had figured that out sooner. You are welcome.
iceyzYou are the MAN! This helped me out fighting that evil bastard. lol
Posted by iceyz on 07 May 19 at 00:54