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Renaissance Man

Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)

Renaissance Man+0.3
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27 Jan 2019 02 Apr 2019
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Note: When you play this game mode, only 1 chosen person will be able to go for this achievement per match. And they will need to choose which achievement among the 2 within the DLC they want to go for, as they will only be able to get one in the match. The other achievement they can choose from that is tied to the Frenzy game mode is this one, so choose wisely...

Crysis 3Flawless VictoryThe Flawless Victory achievement in Crysis 3 worth 91 pointsGet the most kills and win by reaching the score limit in a game of Frenzy (Public Match only)

Frenzy is a game mode in which everyone will be on their own and you will all start with the same weapon. After 60 Seconds, the weapon equipped will change into something else. You have a total of 10 Minutes and the Maximum Score is 10,000 Points.

This is the hardest achievement to get among the two in the Frenzy Game Mode. It is advised that you Boost towards this achievement, so I will explain this as if you we're boosting in this game. You will need 6 people/accounts in order to start an online match in this game.

When your in a match, first you will need to decide who is going to go for the achievement. If you are the person doing the killing, find a decent spot on the map that you believe will be easy for everyone else to track you down. You will need to be quick about this as you all only have 60 Seconds before the weapon will change. Once you see an opponent nearby you, kill them on site. Make sure you "ONLY" get 2x Kills with the weapon you've got in hand. You do not want to increase your Multiplyer using just the same weapon.

You will all have to be pretty quick in meeting up on the map your playing on. Failing to achieve 2x Kills will obviously change your first weapon into something different, and then the match is considered a waste (if this happens, everyone leave the match immediately, pair up in groups and research for a Frenzy game mode again).

Now I must give credit to my friend Domanator316 for figuring this out. Originally this game mode will screw you about, because as the person going for the achievement gets more Kills, they will get a Multiplyer. This Multiplyer goes up to a Maximum of 5x. Should you decide to get additional kills when it's 5x Multiplyer, you will get a lot more Points towards the Total Point Score, making it impossible for you to work on each weapon to get this achievement.

However... there is a way to fix this around. You will need a partner/account to help you with this though. What you would do if you are the Killer is keep on getting kills, until you have a 5x Multiplyer. As soon as you get a 5x Multiplyer, have your partner, standing nearby you, kill you straight away. He or she will then steal your 5x Multiplyer.
Now a benefit you've got here is anyone who has a 5x Multiplyer will be on everyone elses screen, indicating where they are. This makes your meeting area easy to find, as you will likely have a very short period of time to run back to the group, before the gun changes to something else.

Now stand around this partner who has the 5x Multiplyer, but "DO NOT KILL THEM!" Focus on the other players/accounts that are in the match and keep on getting your 2x Kills, until you get another Multiplyer. Once you have a Multiplyer, have the partner who's got the 5x Multiplyer kill you again, then return back to the area where they are to continue with your kills. You will need to keep on doing this for the remainder of the match until all weapons are done and the time runs out.

Once the time runs out and the match is completed, you should then at long last get the achievement. Swap over roles for anyone else who needs the achievement and rinse and repeat until everyone gets the achievement within the group your boosting with.

Each player will need a full 10 Minute Match to get this achievement unlocked. If all 6 of you are actual players needing to boost this achievement, you will need over 1 Hour before everyone will be able to walk away with the achievement, unlock in their collection. Be-advised that randoms can join your match at anytime if they own the DLC content for the game.

Hope all this helps, good luck!