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Gotta Catch Them All!

Catch 40 butterflies with Sally's butterfly net

Gotta Catch Them All!-0.1
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31 Jan 2019 31 Jan 2019
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Just to add to the above solution, I'm currently doing this at the minute. At the Shelter hatch in Maidenhold there are 3 butterfly spawns. Collecting the three sets of butterflies then heading down the hatch and sleeping for 3-4 days in the bed seems to respawn. Also appears to be butterflies spawned at the St. Georges Holm shelter hatch too.
BushidoBrown305I go down and sleep for just one day and they all respawn. Thumbs up
Posted by BushidoBrown305 on 03 Feb 19 at 16:44
SpeciallyTDerpFunny little thing, when you get all your stuff back in the mission Unsafe house, it counts all your currently held butterflys again lol
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 27 Feb 19 at 17:10
Cro11I took the 10 I collected for the quest and switched them from the stash to my inventory until the achievement unlocked
Posted by Cro11 on 04 Mar 19 at 15:24
PezzaLezzaCan confirm with Cro11 - I caught the 10 in the mission - took them to my safe house and just transferred them back and forth 4/5 times and it popped!
Cheers all
Posted by PezzaLezza on 04 Mar 19 at 18:10