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Be the Jumpmaster 5 times

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05 Feb 2019 05 Feb 2019
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Each time you play a match, you basically have a 1 in 3 chance of being picked 3rd out of 3 to choose your champion. When you choose third, you become the jumpmaster, and get to pick where your squad lands on the map. You need to be the jumpmaster 5 times to get this achievement. I would say you need to play an average of 15 matches to be jumpmaster 3 times.
KriSpy CharMZIt popped for me when I jumped by myself and not with the jumpmaster. May be a bug but if someone else wants to test it.
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 05 Feb 19 at 04:38
CamarodudeZ28It's not always if your third to pick, I got jumpmaster when being first or second to pick. i honestly believe its random order.
Posted by CamarodudeZ28 on 05 Feb 19 at 11:51
DE4N MUFCIt’s definitely in random order, it popped for me when I was picked 2nd.
Posted by DE4N MUFC on 05 Feb 19 at 14:54
BinaryOniI hear that the jumpmaster can promote someone else to be jumpmaster so that’s probably why you guys are thinking it’s random.
Posted by BinaryOni on 05 Feb 19 at 21:07
WyyvernYou also become the jump master if everyone else leaves the game laugh
Posted by Wyyvern on 06 Feb 19 at 16:51
SwordofWhedon15 games, not once
Posted by SwordofWhedon on 06 Feb 19 at 16:54
BLOOdREDkN7GHTIs it possible to boost this one? I know if you play enough you will get it eventually, but it doesn't seem to be random and I am terrible at these games
Posted by BLOOdREDkN7GHT on 10 Feb 19 at 03:55
MannedPython070Is there a way to boost this game? Like a server switch like Titanfall or something?
Posted by MannedPython070 on 10 Feb 19 at 06:59
UniQ G4M3R NLAlways manually select your character. Don't let the time run out to automatically select your character.

If the third player doesn't pick his character and lets the time run out, the second player will become the jump master. If the second player also didn't pick a character, the first player will become the jump master.
Posted by UniQ G4M3R NL on 19 Mar 19 at 15:10