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Apex Recon

Win a game as a recon character

Apex Recon-0.2
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05 Feb 2019 09 Mar 2020
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To obtain this achievement you need to win a game using an Recon legend. Recon legends are denoted with a radar logo. Currently, the recon legends are Bloodhound, Crypto and Pathfinder.

My best advice for winning games would be to find a relatively quiet spot to land with your team and loot up before fighting. Besides that, teamwork is essential. Stick with your squadmates and support them when needed.
GraymawrI just won my first game with Bloodhound as a Recon character and the achievement did not pop. I had previously won the achievement for winning a game as Support character as Lifeline. He is now a recon character. Anyone else have this issue?

UPDATE: My issue may be related to this - UPDATE: Last week's missing achievements are starting to appear for some players
Posted by Graymawr on 17 Mar 20 at 01:50
RaccoonMailThis is easier to do now, just play Arena mode.
Posted by RaccoonMail on 05 May at 20:03