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Robo Passer 10

Complete at least 10 passes in a row during a single game.

Robo Passer 100
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06 Feb 2019 06 Feb 2019
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Make sure you go to Customize in the main menu and bump your players' stats up before playing the game. It makes things easier. It doesn't matter what team you use. I used Winnipeg.

The hardest part about the Robo Passer achievements was consistency. I got around that by using short dump-off passes on crossing routes, while using a second controller to play prevent and clear the middle.

Main: Passing Plays: Armour (cn_X)
Secondary: Pass Prevent: Snowberry (cn_RT, cn_B)

Snap the ball, wait for the cn_A receiver to drag left across the middle, then hold A to throw a bullet pass. You'll only get a few yards, but this achievement isn't about yardage.

If you get sacked, it obviously doesn't count as a pass. If the A receiver isn't open, take the sack.

Best of luck!