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Rushing Attack 100

Rush for at least 100 yards during a single game.

Rushing Attack 1000
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06 Feb 2019
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Make sure you go to Customize in the main menu and bump your players' stats up before playing the game. It makes things easier. It doesn't matter what team you use. I used Winnipeg.

With longer games, this should be easy. Still, the best way I found was with a QB draw up the middle, while clearing also the defenders out. I used a second controller.

Main: Running Plays: Draw (cn_RT, cn_A)
Secondary: 4-2-6 Base: Griffon (cn_X)

Snap the ball, the run the QB up the middle. Sometimes you'll get a couple of yards, sometimes you'll get lucky (try right of center) and you'll get a bunch more.

Best of luck!