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Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time

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Maverick HiroMaverick Hiro513,936
06 Feb 2019 19 Feb 2021
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Edit - 25/Mar/19: Since the start of Season 1's battlepass, Lifeline's ultimate no longer has a chance to drop Legendary armor and helmet. Thanks Tuschi for noting it in the comments.
Edit - 23/Feb/19: xxDAMRONxx uploaded a very detailed video guide. Perfect for having a visual reference of the known methods so far! He was also kind enough to suggest that i incorporate into this solution for convenience sake, so many thanks to him for the gesture. I've linked it below:
Armor and Helmet pickups can be found throughout the map and are divided by tiers. The golden legendary is the best variant and the one relevant to this achievement. The other tiers you can find are: purple (high), blue (mid) and white (low).
WARNING: There's no set location to find any item, so this achievement is luck dependent!
You could get lucky and unlock it quite early, or it may take you well beyond lvl 50 before you find both items in the same match. Though as you can see the ratio is not that bad and some knowledge on how loot works can greatly improve your odds. Here's the rundown on the best ways to search:

Play with Friends: Many have lamented in the comments that their chance to get the achievement was robbed due to playing with randoms. As of now there's no solo mode. Even if you're alone when matchmaking, you're always paired with two random players. Playing with a dedicated squad is the best way to avoid frustration since the party can cooperate in the search and inform each other when someone come across the items. Whoever picks it up first can drop the Armor and Helmet (highlight on the inventory screen and press cn_X) so the rest of the team can unlock it as well (Confirmed by Tagst and Markyshizzle).
If your friends don't play Apex, i highly recommend setting up a TA Session.

Hot Zones: As soon as the match starts, a random location will light up a blue beacon (marked by a big blue circle on the map screen). These are guaranteed to spawn high-tier loot. They are of course a highly contested location as the closer it is to the Dropship, the more players will be dropping in the Hot Zone. However i noticed that players tend not to bother with these if it's too far away from the Dropship initial location. So keep that in mind if you want to avoid confrotation right at the start of the match. The beacon (and the blue circle on the map screen) marking it's location will vanish as soon as the 1st safe zone/ring appears.
*Tip: When dropping, the Dropmaster can extend the squad's flight a bit. After a while you'll lose altitude; to keep going, dive down a bit and go up again (think the wingsuit in Far Cry and Just Cause). Practice it a little and you may reach distances that seemed impossible otherwise.

Supply Ships: As the match starts you can look out for one of these flying around the map. It has two icons on the map screen: it's current location and where it's gonna land (little green circle). Like Hot Zones, the closer it is to the Dropship initial location, the more contested it'll be. You don't need to wait for it to land; it's quite easy to drop on top as it's flying across the map. Another way to hop on it before it lands is to launch yourself in the air with those vertical yellow zip-lines (the ones with the big red balloon at the top) if they're close to the Supply Ship flight path. When it lands it'll spawn zip-lines for players to board it. Again caution is required when approaching as many players will be on the lookout for these. Usually more Supply Ships will spawn after a few minutes in random intervals.

Care Packages: These are dropped occasionally throughout the match. The announcer (or a character from your squad) will notify when one's coming, so pay attention! As soon as you hear that, check your map screen: it's drop location is marked with a pulsating small blue circle. It always contains 3 mid-to-high loot and most often than not at least one will be Legendary. Beware though: they usually drop in wide open areas, so check your surroundings before running to get it. Still, checking Care Packages seems to be the best method so far. The chances of getting Legendary stuff is quite high, and from my experience most players will outright ignore it.

Apex Pack's hidden bots: These are spider-like robots that when shot or punched will drop mid-to-high tier loot. They can be hard to spot as they're usually hiding in out-of-the-way places like corners, rooftops, tunnels, crevices, etc. They're the same robot you see when you open an "Apex Pack", with either purple or golden neon lights (there could be a blue one but i never seen it). If there's one nearby, you'll hear a high pitched robotic "bZzZ" every now and then. It's hard to describe, but it sticks out from the rest of the ambient sound effects. As long as you're paying attention to your surroudings, you'll notice it. Playing with headphones definitely improves your chances of finding these guys.

Location Tiers: Most named locations on the map have tiers that'll dictate the quality of the loot you can find. Pay attention: As soon as you set foot on a major location, it'll show both it's name and tier on the left side of the screen (sometimes they're not tiered at all, so it'll only show it's name). If it shows "High Tier Loot" in purple, there's a high chance you'll find a legendary item lying around. Location tiers are random and rarely the same from match to match. Use that information to your advantage: If you're satisfied with your current gear/items, don't waste time scavenging low level places.

Dead Player's loot boxes: Whenever a player die they'll drop a box containing every item in their inventory. If they had a Legendary item of any kind, the box will have a golden tint. Of course, this being a squad focused game, the presence of such a box can mean that it's late owner's teammates are nearby, specially if the player was killed recently. Always make sure that the coast is clear before looting dead players.

That's it for now. I'm open for feedback, so if you want to add something, or correct me in any way, please feel free do so in the comments and i'll promptly edit the solution.
TagstI was able to drop my fully kitted pistol for my friend once I got my achievement and he was able to get it so I'm sure itll be the same for this
Posted by Tagst on 06 Feb 19 at 13:06
Markyshizzleyou can share and it works
Posted by Markyshizzle on 06 Feb 19 at 23:57
DixxxxxonAwesome guide!
Posted by Dixxxxxon on 08 Feb 19 at 18:32
TendedFatbackwhat color gear is the best
Posted by TendedFatback on 08 Feb 19 at 20:44
Maverick Hiro"The legendary gear, which is the best variant, is easily identifiable by their Golden color."
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 09 Feb 19 at 06:22
Edward535Who can help me hunt for this?
Posted by Edward535 on 10 Feb 19 at 03:39
IdenicFrom my experience, it is best to avoid the Hot Zones. It's always highly contested and we never found gold body armor/helmets. Our best luck was finding them in carepackages and looting off dead bodies
Posted by Idenic on 10 Feb 19 at 05:51
Maverick HiroSometimes when the hotzone is too far from the droship route, players tend not to bother cause they think they won't reach it. I was able to find some legendary armor and helmets there on many occasions (sadly not both at the same time.)
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 10 Feb 19 at 06:16
Poopdog M60RiotThis is beyond frustrating. Just won with 22 total kills in our squad and we all had gold armor. No helmets to be found. Classic
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 10 Feb 19 at 06:33
Juicy PlumbsPurposely went just for this achievement last night every game searching for it and could only find one of the two, not a single time found both doing it constant for a few hours and nothing... Frustraiting is an understatement
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 10 Feb 19 at 15:53
OsakamitsuHave played a TON of games. Been to all of the areas above. Go to blue areas as much as possible at drop... have NEVER seen gold armor or helmets. I have seen the backpack maybe 5 times and a scope maybe 3-5 times. Have seen the fully kited gun maybe twice. This is annoying.
Posted by Osakamitsu on 10 Feb 19 at 16:40
Juicy PlumbsIt’s just a stupid achievement tbf, no skill needed just luck which is the worst type of achievements
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 10 Feb 19 at 16:50
Maverick HiroYep. Luck is the main factor here :( not much can be done, just keep playing and searching until it shows up
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 10 Feb 19 at 17:58
ArteenIt's very luck dependent, but I got this by going after every care package I could find.

Frequently I'd have one of the armor pieces then I'd get purple armor from care packages, or so many Mastiffs I could dual-wield them. Eventually I got lucky and got each piece.
Posted by Arteen on 10 Feb 19 at 18:10
Juicy PlumbsI’m yet to try it but I wonder what the odds are if you have no helmet/armour then loot a care package, I had a game earlier where I did it and first care package and body armour but then I couldn’t find helmet the whole game 😂
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 10 Feb 19 at 18:56
qwxxJust south of the Array, there's a smaller area with about 4-6 white/orange crates and a few mats of supplies. I found both the chest piece and helmet in those crates. Good luck!
Posted by qwxx on 10 Feb 19 at 20:06
Maverick HiroJust got it. The armor was sitting right in the middle of the Pit (it was a high tier location at the time) and i got the helmet in a Lifeline Care Package.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 10 Feb 19 at 21:54
Juicy PlumbsWhat do you mean array? There’s nowhere on the map called array?
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 10 Feb 19 at 22:54
IdenicHe means "Relay," I call it Array too though. It has a big satellite like the COD map Array.
Posted by Idenic on 11 Feb 19 at 00:02
JuIIIianSee this is gonna be one of those achievements, I'll Hit level 50 and get every other achievement in the game except this one. I can already see it now.
Posted by JuIIIian on 11 Feb 19 at 03:14
FISKTook us like 40 levels before we got this
Posted by FISK on 11 Feb 19 at 03:21
IdenicJuicy Plumbs, achievements in game and achievements on TA aren't in sync, profiles have to be scanned to be updated
Posted by Idenic on 11 Feb 19 at 03:27
Juicy PlumbsI have landed where qwxx has said he got the gold armour and helmet every game for the past 3 hours and no gold 😂 same with the pit
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 11 Feb 19 at 19:18
Hexa FoxYeah the helmets may be a little more rare. We have had the golden body armor multiple times but only found a helmet on one occasion. If I remember correctly it was just sitting on the ground in a non hot zone.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 11 Feb 19 at 19:46
Juicy PlumbsI only ever find one or the other 😂 so frustrating lol
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 11 Feb 19 at 20:44
jimmyclutchmanI’ve never even seen a gold helmet or armor. Played so many games
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 12 Feb 19 at 03:54
lankyjustinFound my first gold helmet today. But not the armour. Luck luck and more luck.
Posted by lankyjustin on 12 Feb 19 at 17:18
PrisI only get one or the other which is so frustrating. I know this will come over time but I just want to knock it out of the way!
Posted by Pris on 13 Feb 19 at 00:13
IOnEI FalconHow far exactly south from Relay? Still above Wetlands?
Posted by IOnEI Falcon on 13 Feb 19 at 16:15
lankyjustinthis is such a pain. granted only done 89 games but only seen 1 gold armor and 1 gold helmet in that time. and i like to drop high tier areas too (well if the randoms allow) when they jump master.
Posted by lankyjustin on 14 Feb 19 at 15:05
Maverick HiroI also highly recommend finding two good teammates and sticking with them. I can't stress this enough. Ping system is a godsend but will never beat voice comunication. You can let them know you're looking for these achievements and ask'em to drop the item in case they find it first.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 14 Feb 19 at 17:47
HmizzzHow come so many people have this achievement ?
Posted by Hmizzz on 17 Feb 19 at 10:41
pbk91good guide :) but this is so luck based, trying for 4 days now, and still no luck :(
Posted by pbk91 on 17 Feb 19 at 22:39
XF34Rx KiNGzzCan anyone help me with this achievement message on Xbox

XF34Rx KiNGzz
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 17 Feb 19 at 22:47
XF34Rx KiNGzzCan anyone help me with this achievement message on Xbox

XF34Rx KiNGzz
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 17 Feb 19 at 23:11
OJLeanAdd me if you're trying to get this.
Posted by OJLean on 18 Feb 19 at 17:17
MasterCranderI put them both on and it didn't work. Teammates got cheevo but I did not. Anyone know why?
Posted by MasterCrander on 19 Feb 19 at 00:43
DixxxxxonSame thing just happened to me, MasterCrander :(
Posted by Dixxxxxon on 19 Feb 19 at 06:31
IRL Games XAdd me and send invite when I am on apex looking to help others/ a team to talk to laugh
Posted by IRL Games X on 19 Feb 19 at 07:57
CruelCrewCutLuck Luck Luck

I’ve managed to get golden helmet shortly after landing in Altillery. Noticed that my random teammate got legendary armour, so tried to talk to the guy and exchange so we both get achievement - no answer. Dropped my helmet which he picked up then started to ignore me ... sad. Anyway I followed him closely waiting for his death (I know ... not very sportsman like behaviour). Finally he got down and opponents did not finish him LOL. Waited impatiently for him to die ... watched closely when he gave his last breath, then looted his warm body and achievement popped.

I feel half happy and half sad inside now ... guess he should just talk to me ...
Posted by CruelCrewCut on 19 Feb 19 at 14:20
OJLeanAgain. Add me OJLean and we can work together to get this stupid achievement lol
Posted by OJLean on 20 Feb 19 at 03:42
NBA Kirklandlaugh I don't blame you, CruelCrewCut
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 21 Feb 19 at 00:27
CruelCrewCutThanks ! It means a lot ... I’m slowly learning to live with that ... people just need to talk to each other sometimes - we could be Champions !
Posted by CruelCrewCut on 21 Feb 19 at 06:12
Zaki HUNi am level 54 and haven't gotten this shit.
Posted by Zaki HUN on 21 Feb 19 at 12:16
JTYdude99Takes a lot of luck. I got mine by landing at Relay with no other teams there. A care package that spawns randomly landed right at Relay and I got a legendary armor from it. Then I go down to Wetlands and open up the first pod I see and what do you know? A legendary helmet. I was so excited to see that when I opened it. Previous games I would get the armor or helmet from a care package and I would go out of my way and my own teams way just to go hit every care package that dropped even if it meant dying. I remember like 3 games I hit at least 2 care packages after getting gold gear and could not get lucky enough to get the other one I needed. I did also get a legendary armor piece through lifelines care package, so use her to increase your odds. Good luck everyone. Maybe another mode that gets added at some point will make this easier to get.
Posted by JTYdude99 on 21 Feb 19 at 16:24
Fiction0713I had golden armor and saw my random teammate pick up the golden helmet. Told the guy I would trade for the achievement and he could keep all the armor. He told me he didn't have time and then proceeded to camp in a corner. Mother fucker.
Posted by Fiction0713 on 22 Feb 19 at 03:26
Maverick HiroLike i said, playing with randoms sucks. Do yourselves a favor and set up a gaming session to find some players in your server area and stick with them.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 22 Feb 19 at 05:33
psykotronnAdd me and we can team up and get it done GT same as here
Posted by psykotronn on 23 Feb 19 at 06:37
jimmyclutchmanHoly fucking shit I finally got this
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 23 Feb 19 at 18:46
EnhancedKanineTook me until level 43 to get this. Found the helmet in some random building and got the armor from my 4th care package.
Posted by EnhancedKanine on 24 Feb 19 at 04:08
oO Twanger OoI found legendary chest quite regularly in the pit area (centre)..then use lifeline + accelerants to call in packages
Posted by oO Twanger Oo on 24 Feb 19 at 15:04
OJLeanKeep trying. I didn't get it until level 45. Had been trying for a long time and got lucky. Set up a lot of gaming sessions with people from here but had no luck. Then today I just played randoms and we took out a squad that had both. Be aggressive.
Posted by OJLean on 25 Feb 19 at 19:49
iPlatfootBeing aggressive is not easy when you play with randoms. I always get paired up with the people who seemingly picked up a controller for the first time. I'm decent, but I can't carry two people while rinsing through squads

Edit: Just after I posted this comment I joined two randoms who were also decent players. I think they were Spanish, I could not understand a word! At one point we wipe the penultimate squad and this dude gets all excited over his gold armor and helmet. I plug in my mic and asked him to swap for a second. He seemed reluctant, maybe because he didn't understand me. But eventually he dropped it, I got the achievement and gave it back to him :)
Posted by iPlatfoot on 27 Feb 19 at 00:11
KiRRAYNESharing with friends is the way to go. Got this with two of my buddies last night on our way to a win :)
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 27 Feb 19 at 13:32
lankyjustinfinally got this. it is random but if you manage to find enemy loot just head to the gold boxes straight away and hope your team mates do not beat you to it. I did find an area where there were lots of fights and therefore lots of boxes.
Posted by lankyjustin on 28 Feb 19 at 10:24
Eric From CaliGot gold helmet from supply ship, then gold armor from downed enemy. Best bet though is to get one gold item from supply ship or hot zone, then spam care packages with lifeline. However if you get a good group and take out a squad late in the game, chances are good that you'll find lots of gold gear. I think the latest update made gold gear more common because I have been finding tons of gold attachments, when they were very rare before
Posted by Eric From Cali on 01 Mar 19 at 18:58
NBA KirklandI did find gold helmets in a care package 2 games in a row. So I was also wondering if they made them more common.
I can't recall ever seeing gold helmets or armor in a lifeline package. But you are saying that can happen?
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 02 Mar 19 at 00:57
Deschain019I saw a legendary body armor in a lifeline package today. Honestly thought people were mixed up on what package it came from, but it’s definitely possible.
Posted by Deschain019 on 02 Mar 19 at 05:31
TuschiHaven't seen either of those items in around 30 games. Very frustrating.
Posted by Tuschi on 03 Mar 19 at 02:27
KanchanaburiLately i have noticed a huge increase in fully kitted legendary weapons but a huge decrease in legendary armour! WHICH SUCKS!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 03 Mar 19 at 08:38
SnuerkyReally struggling to get this, if anyone who is willing to help or also go after this in a team feel free to add me and we can try to get this darn achievement done :) gt - Snuerky
Posted by Snuerky on 04 Mar 19 at 07:39
RavenWraitheSo, I was in a two-man team and had the legendary helmet while my team-mate had the body armor. So I'm like, "I'll just wait for him to die, then take it from him." Sure enough, he got knocked down and was bleeding out...but I just couldn't let him die. Killed off the enemy team and revived him. It happened again, and I did same thing again. Weird thing, our awesome team work got us to win the game. No achievement yet, but my best game ever! The struggle for the achievement continues!
Posted by RavenWraithe on 04 Mar 19 at 12:15
TuschiIf anyone's interested in getting a team together that only aims for this achievement send me a message.
Posted by Tuschi on 06 Mar 19 at 22:44
TuschiFYI: Lifeline won't be able to drop gold starting with the season 1 update. God dammit. Even if it's usually rare that means less gold in death boxes as well.
Posted by Tuschi on 07 Mar 19 at 09:40
Maverick HiroDamn that's a shame... I just read the patch notes. Updating the solution now.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 07 Mar 19 at 13:43
TuschiSorry if that was misleading. The weapons patch already happened, characters however will only get their buffs/nerfs once Season 1 officially starts which I believe is on the 12th of march (or something like that).
Posted by Tuschi on 07 Mar 19 at 17:35
Maverick HiroHm the article i've read didn't mention this, the character's nerf was in the same patch note as the other items. Let me check on that.
Edit: you're absolutely right. I'm updating it again.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 07 Mar 19 at 18:23
IRL Games XAccording to reddit Respawn said when season one battle pass releases gold armor won’t be in life lines care packages.

Link here
Posted by IRL Games X on 07 Mar 19 at 19:11
PhilTheStampedeAchievements like these fucking blow. No skill involved whatsoever. I have all the other achievements now except this one.
Posted by PhilTheStampede on 14 Mar 19 at 15:18
Gogore WoDIf anyone wants to team up to try to get this and share it, send me a friends request.
Posted by Gogore WoD on 17 Mar 19 at 22:44
LepraSaunI am down to try and team up to get it. I am in Australia and my GT is LepraSaun.

Feel free to add me with a message saying you're after this cheevo (otherwise I may think it's a random request).
Posted by LepraSaun on 18 Mar 19 at 01:51
Nosi90I got lucky and found both at relay at the beginning of the match and it wasn't even the hot zone
Posted by Nosi90 on 23 Mar 19 at 11:23
LepraSaunI finally got it. My Team Mate had the Gold Armour and I found the Helmet in a Deathbox.

I gave him the Helmet and then he gave me both and we both got the achievement.
Posted by LepraSaun on 24 Mar 19 at 01:22
monkeybiscitzAnyone who wants to team up to do this my GT is monkeybiscitz
Posted by monkeybiscitz on 25 Mar 19 at 20:29
NBA KirklandIf you're having trouble, know that Major Nelson has this achievement. smile
Major Nelson's achievements in Apex Legends
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 25 Mar 19 at 21:12
FejerI was so close last night getting this achievement:
My teammate found both in a death box while I was playing with randoms. I noticed it because I was viewing him before I got revived. I asked him politely via microphone if he would quickly lend the items to me for the achievement since there were no enemies. But he ignored me. I asked another 2-3 times, but he didn't bother to say anything.

I know it's just a stupid achievement, but if people don't want to help eachother in achieving their goals and having fun then what's the point of playing with them? Why should I help other random teammates by reviving them, or pinging good loot for them?
Posted by Fejer on 02 Apr 19 at 05:00
SunkenStyxIf anyone is looking for this and wants to squad up please let me know.

Played a ton of games and have gotten 1/2 the set tons of times. Total luck based crap.
Posted by SunkenStyx on 12 Apr 19 at 14:43
pukem0nni finally got this stupid achievement. i had the gold helmet and my teammate the golden armor, so i dropped the helmet hoping he would get the achievement and then gives it to me, but he didnt want the helmet, so i also dropped my lvl 3 armor and he propably thought i wanted his gold armor because i was better than him so he dropped the armor and i got the achievement. gave it back to him afterwards, but you see it's possible to get even without a mic.

also, best bet would be the buildings near the pit, i often get golden stuff from there.
Posted by pukem0nn on 19 Apr 19 at 20:49
LavindatharAnyone wants to team for this, send me a message.
Posted by Lavindathar on 28 Apr 19 at 16:53
bryan dot exeFinally got the achievement. Was playing with randos. Looted both myself.

In the next game (with different people) one of my teammates found the body armor. I found the helmet so I grabbed it, headed over to them, dropped it, and pinged it for them.

Our third player snatched it off the ground and ran off to find a fight.

Posted by bryan dot exe on 15 May 19 at 19:51
GrubbmeisterIf anyone is interested in teaming up for a loot fest of legendary armor, I'm open. I have had multiple matches where the randos in my team won't drop their piece so I can get the achievement even when I offer them to keep it all afterwards. I'm on frequently. Just send me a message and we'll work out a time. GT = Grubbmeister
Posted by Grubbmeister on 30 May 19 at 19:55
iN5iDiOU5 iRi5HRandoms suck! Four different matches where no one would give me the helmet for a second. Message me if anyone wants to just go after supply drops.
Posted by iN5iDiOU5 iRi5H on 04 Jun 19 at 17:31
L1COOLGUY50Seems to me that legendary items are much more common in the apex elite mode. Took me two games and a guy willing to drop the body shield to get it.
Posted by L1COOLGUY50 on 15 Jun 19 at 05:07
Xtreme SSJ 3need help getting this
Posted by Xtreme SSJ 3 on 28 Jul 19 at 16:14
tAyDoItBesTI made it to level 60 with no luck in getting this stupid achievement. After 4 games of camping and waiting I was able to loot a deathbox that had everything! My advice is play solo and let someone else do all the heavy lifting and just loot
Posted by tAyDoItBesT on 18 Aug 19 at 19:17
Dr Peach PTried this today. Dropped my yellow body shield for teammate since he had a yellow helmet. Achievement unlocked for him. Then he dropped both for me to pick up and nothing unlocked for me. So I don't know if they fixed it with Season 3 but I 100% had both equipped for a good three minutes and got nothing.
Posted by Dr Peach P on 09 Oct 19 at 03:53
Maverick HiroDutRank I've noticed some problems recently with xbox live in regards to achievements. Just checked your achievements on the Xbox App and Decked Out is shown as 100% but not unlocked. Give it a time and it will probably unlock in a few hours.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 09 Oct 19 at 06:04
Dr Peach PYup. You're right. It unlocked at 1am this morning completely random lol.
Posted by Dr Peach P on 09 Oct 19 at 12:24
Gogore WoDIf anyone wants to team up for this, send me a friends request.
Posted by Gogore WoD on 17 Feb 20 at 03:15
is that HydroGuess luck is on my side - Just started playing & popped on third game lol.
Posted by is that Hydro on 07 Apr 20 at 19:44