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Deal 5,000 damage with 8 different Legends

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07 Feb 2019 25 Mar 2019
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To see how much damage you have dealt with each Legend:

1. From the main menu, select the "Legends" tab.
2. Choose the character that you would like to see.
3. At the top of the screen, select the "Banners" tab.
4. Scroll down and select "Tracker 1". This will show you all the trackers locked/unlocked for that character.
5. Scroll down in this list to see the "Damage Done" tracker.

For this achievement, you must have 5000 damage dealt for each of the 8 characters in Apex: Legends (including the two locked characters).

NOTE: Damage to a player's shield does not count toward the "Damage Done" stat. Only damage done to the player's health progresses this stat.

NOTE 2: @Shadow2327 has confirmed in the comments that the new character, Octane, counts towards this achievement. This means that you only need 5,000 damage with your choice of 8 of the 9 total legends.
GRAND NOBLEThanks. I knew about the tracker already, but I thought I would have to unlock it first.

Didn't know I could view the stats without having unlocked it from an Apex loot box. Thanks! Thumbs up!
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 11 Feb 19 at 19:54
GRAND NOBLEI wonder if anyone can confirm if only WHITE damage counts. IE. Real HP.

Meaning if someone has 100 shields and 100 HP and you kill them. do you get 100 "points" added, or 200?
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 15 Feb 19 at 01:34
Mudlo7581@Grand Noble this is correct. Shield damage does not count for the damage dealt stat. I'll add this to the solution.
Posted by Mudlo7581 on 15 Feb 19 at 16:55
Kung Fu RikiDoes damage from training count?
Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 16 Feb 19 at 21:57
XF34Rx KiNGzzWhy hasn't it unlocked for me I have over 5,000 with each character
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 19 Feb 19 at 00:24
GRAND NOBLE@XF34Rx, if you're *absolutely sure* you have over 5000 with all 8... (you can check in the Tracking section).. I would recommend playing 1 match as each Legend - and getting at least 1 kill. Just in case the tracker is stuck, that might help.
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 19 Feb 19 at 02:18
IRL Games XDoes this work for Octane?
Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Mar 19 at 19:14
IRL Games XWorks with Octane I can confirm
Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Mar 19 at 22:42
Mudlo7581@Shadow2327 Thanks for the confirmation. I will update the solution.
Posted by Mudlo7581 on 25 Mar 19 at 13:27
Dibbs93Does damaging a downed enemy count?
Posted by Dibbs93 on 05 Apr 19 at 22:45
GRAND NOBLE@Dibbs, no damaging a downed enemy does NOT seem to count.
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 06 Apr 19 at 01:44
lSoNlDoes arena damage done count?
Posted by lSoNl on 11 May at 03:44
Stevee x1BTW you can unlock 2 additional characters for free just by saving the red currency. I did before level 50.
Posted by Stevee x1 yesterday at 01:32