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The Cult Unmasked

Defeat all the Cultists of Kosmos.

The Cult Unmasked0
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09 Feb 2019
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Follows a guide in English and another in Portuguese (Brazil), my native language.

I did not do the guides, the credit goes to its authors:

Guide in English: IGN

Guide in PT-BR:
WestinatorXReally useful guide, just thought I'd comment some of the issues I had along the way in case anyone had the same;
1: Podarkes the Cruel, I did not have the side mission 'Rebel' as I had not completed the side quest 'Trouble in Paradise', which is kind of like a "primary" side quests, primary in the sense that it is with Barnabas. Podarkes was revealed to me as a cultist during 'Trouble in Paradise' and he was also the region Leader. Previous to completing this side mission there was no region Leader.
2: Melanthos, from the research I did, you need two clues to be able to unveil him and track him on the map. I couldn't find how to get the second clue. I only had one and could not track him. IGN's walkthrough is correct however. And you can find him without getting the second clue. I looked up a tutorial to see what his ship looked like and then I was able to find is in the sea just west of Messara. It didn't notify me that he was a cultist until I had killed him though.
Hope this helps anyone stuck like me.
Posted by WestinatorX on 26 Feb 19 at 00:02
Ventus871I have a question, does sparing Lagos not net you the achievement?
Posted by Ventus871 on 21 Feb at 19:37
Ventus871I have a question, does sparing Lagos not net you the achievement?
Posted by Ventus871 on 21 Feb at 19:46
TwistedsymphonyI haven't killed all of the cultists yet but after sparing Lagos he shows as killed the same way all of the other cultists did (red icon and their back turned in the detail screen) it also awarded me his triangle piece, after I completed the quest (not immediately after sparing him).

I think this is why the achievement is to "Defeat" them not to "Kill" them. Technically I defeated Lagos with words.
Posted by Twistedsymphony on 27 Apr at 12:27
InugamiTheHoundCan I get this achievement after i beat the game or do I have beat it before the game is over?
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 31 May at 23:37