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Win a game with 8 different Legends

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11 Feb 2019 12 Mar 2019
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The 8 legends are Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, and Mirage.

Caustic and Mirage aren't unlocked when you first start. To unlock them, they can be bought for 750 coins each, or wait till you're level 43 and you'll have enough of those red ticket things to unlock them both.

If you have a lot of wins, you may forget which legends you have the wins for. There is an easy way to track this. Click on any legend in the main menu and under "Banners" there is a "Badge" section. If you've gotten a win with that legend, the badge "Apex ______" will be unlocked, with the blank being the name of that legend (Ex: "Apex Mirage").

Ignore badges like "Group Theatrics" and "Pack Victory", as these are earned with a win with any legend.

Going off the tracker "Wins with Full Squad" isn't reliable either, because it doesn't take into account a win with randoms. Just check for the badge to be unlocked so you aren't wasting time getting a win when you may already have it.

+++ xxDAMRONxx posted a solution with a great video that covers all character abilities and how to utilize them to your advantage. Check it out if you're struggling to get a win with certain legends.
II KMACK IIthis helped me A TON!! thank you I couldn't figure out which one I was missing
Posted by II KMACK II on 11 Feb 19 at 21:06
IdenicNp smile
Posted by Idenic on 11 Feb 19 at 22:33
PredStealthDoes Octane count? I want to choose him over Caustic, but unsure. can anyone confirm?
Posted by PredStealth on 22 Mar 19 at 22:34
IRL Games XWorks with Octane I can confirm
Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Mar 19 at 22:44
Bad KermitFYI, I think "Wins with full squad" just means you're all alive at the end. All of my wins are with randoms, and I have some "Wins with full squad."
Posted by Bad Kermit on 01 Apr 19 at 21:49
xx Kenshira xxcommenting since this is super out of date, i did the game fresh this month, i won with loba, rev, crypto, as part of my 8 and still got the achievement and the 5k damage, i believe all legends count.
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 24 Nov 20 at 12:56
KamalaCackleTo echo Kenshira, I think this is with all legends. I think when the guide was written there wasn't as many as there are now.
Posted by KamalaCackle on 15 Mar at 21:09
ShaunMichaels83Now that Arenas has been released, does this count or is it strictly Battle Royale?
Posted by ShaunMichaels83 on 15 May at 04:26
BionicLyonI don’t think it counts in arena. I’ve gotten several wins with several different legends in arena and it hasn’t popped for me. Which makes me a bit sad. I was hoping that it would count.
Posted by BionicLyon on 15 May at 12:56
xIx EDGE xIxArena definitely doesn't work as far as a single win with 8 different characters goes, that I can say for sure.

You can get a badge for each character winning 5 arena matches with them, so maybe that could work?

I'm not certain, I haven't been able to do that yet so I cant confirm, just speculating. I don't know if the game is tracking badges to unlock (like the Apex [insert character] badge in battle royale for each one) or if it's strictly a BR based achievement.
Posted by xIx EDGE xIx on 16 May at 20:05
BeerNymphThere are more characters now.
Posted by BeerNymph on 14 Nov at 15:07