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It's Showtime

Set a Showtime Road Rule East Crawford Drive

It's Showtime0
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18 Feb 2009
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Quite simply initiate Showtime buy hitting the bumpers and go smashing stuff down the road! It doesnt matter if you leave this road whilst in showtime, it will still set the rule for the road you started in. Try and hit as many busses as you can as these up your multiplier, overhead signs are also helpful at 10,000 points per smash.
P E Z B Y 7 2 7East Crawford Drive is the road that you start on after entering the game.
Posted by P E Z B Y 7 2 7 on 06 Jan 11 at 23:22
What an very easy achievement.
Posted on 17 May 11 at 03:10
Ryan Twist2,602,200
Posted by Ryan Twist on 07 Feb 15 at 01:04