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The world was Mine...

Finish all the advanced levels with 3 stars.

The world was Mine...0
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16 Feb 2019 29 Oct 2020
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After you complete each normal island starting from island c , you will unlock its advanced island which consists of 5 levels only compared to 10 in the normal islands, but they are much harder.
Complete all the advanced levels without dying and the achievement will unlock.
If you die, replay the level.

Edit: There are 11 advanced levels out of 55 acoording to Jaigoro
REJECt444How many levels total need to be completed?
How many advanced islands are in the game total? Will change to +1 if solution edited to answer these.
Posted by REJECt444 on 14 Feb 20 at 15:17
Jaigoro11 advanced Islands total 55 levels
Posted by Jaigoro on 11 Apr 20 at 17:34