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Fly, You Fools!

No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane.

Fly, You Fools!0
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11 Feb 2019 16 Feb 2019
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First, you will need to unlock the Carmina (boat/plane) awarded after completing the mission “The Great Escape”. Head to the northern most dock, and spawn the vehicle. Once inside, take it to a cliff’s edge that leads to water; preferably the one in the video.

Although this is a boat, it can drive on land as well, so position yourself towards the cliff’s edge, get a running start, and fly off, holding down on the left analog stick, easily grabbing at least 100m, and unlocking the achievement.
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TheWelshBear absolutely no reference to where even that is on the map, as its just a smash load of edited clips of him starting one place then driving off a cliff in another. used to think Maka did quality tutorials aswell... laugh
Posted by TheWelshBear on 24 Feb 19 at 08:17
Breedhate68 yeah this position isnt very good, done it 3 times and 89% about the best it gave
Posted by Breedhate68 on 09 Mar 19 at 08:00
AK Kris 907 This worked for me in the spot. Just gotta back up far. Hit the gas and pull back on the left stick as you leave the cliff.
Posted by AK Kris 907 on 14 Jun 19 at 23:08
VanGeko after 6 deaths for the way to this point, i've got it with this point thx
Posted by VanGeko on 01 Nov 19 at 03:45
owne II TOM I had about 90% after the mission itself. Then tried the dynamite a couple times got to 95%. Tried the cliff from video a couple times no change. Then about 30min later I upgraded the facilties for the homebase garage to lvl 1 and the achievement popped.
Posted by owne II TOM on 07 Dec 19 at 01:39