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They don't give health

Get 3 fairies

They don't give health+0.2
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Mikhail KrauserMikhail KrauserThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
20 Feb 2019
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Every level has 1 fairy, and the fairy will disappear after a preset amount of time. The first 3 levels these are fairely easy, and I managed to get the fairies and treasures at the same time, but keep in mind... You CAN do it level by level, unlock the achievement, then return for a different achievement. You shoulden't have problems but if you do, do it this way.
cosmologyxThis cheev has glitched for me? I've managed to get every other achievement (including the 10 fairies one?) It may be because I didn;t get the fairy on level 2 and was going to go back for it? I don't know but I can't even delete save data to try and get it again. Just a heads up.

*EDIT: actually, it has picked up in the scan so? says I haven't got it on xbox, who knows, I've never seen that happen before.
Posted by cosmologyx on 01 Mar 19 at 11:11
Mikhail KrauserGo to the game club or whatever. Go to the achievements page under progress and open them close the achievement. Should update after
Common issue in other games
Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 01 Mar 19 at 17:00